Princess of Wisdom Book Cover Princess of Wisdom
Wisdom Chronicles – Book 2
Walter C. Conner
Epic Fantasy (some romance)
Double Dragon Publishing
February 3, 2012

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

While I loved the first book in this series I was less enthused with this follow up novel.  The story moved at a glacial pace and the writing was a bit ponderous.  This does not mean there was not a great story to be found but it was buried beneath a mountain of words that really did little for the story.

I will readily admit I have had this novel for quite some time and had started it several times only to put it aside for something that could hold my interest a bit better but I started it again to make sure I had not missed some fantasy gem like the first book Wizard of Wisdom but this book did not keep my interest, the “romance” and births was confusing and more than a bit strange in places.  It felt like a G rated version of a 3-way in places.

The heroine Caron and our nebulous hero Wil are playing their parts but somewhat indirectly in Wil’s case and while the story itself was entertaining and had a great ending (as book 1) with no cliffhanger it was still a book of 288 pages that might have been better as a shorter work but with epic fantasy verbiage is to be expected it seems.

Bottom Line: A great story, glacial plot with so many characters you need a glossary, a likeable heroine and hero, a romance that is confusingly bizarre at best,  and a satisfying ending with no cliffhanger so 4 Stars that might be a half star too much depending on your mood.