Protecting Kai Book Cover Protecting Kai
True Mates Book 3
J.R. Loveless
MM Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 25, 2020

Cole, heir to the wolf pack’s Alpha, found his fated mate but lost him soon after. Knowing they are meant to be together, Cole won't rest until he finds Kai again.

Having finally escaped his uncle’s clutches, Kai ran as fast and far as he could. Escape was supposed to mean freedom, but Kai found danger instead. With nowhere to go, he agrees to stay with Cole—for one month.

Cole knows he’ll have to work hard to earn Kai’s trust, but time is short and being denied the ability to claim his mate is driving him crazy. With the threat of Kai’s uncle, desperate to get him back, looming, Kai stands to lose much more than his freedom. But as he lets his guard down, he risks losing his heart to Cole.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Cole Ferris, the son of the Alpha of Emerald Lake Hills pack and heir to the title has finally found his true mate but this will not be a simple happy ever after. Cole bumped into a man in the street and immediately knew it was his true mate only before he could even talk to him he ran. The only information that Cole had was the name David from a bus list and for weeks he tracked him, each day that went by was torture until he heard a man screaming in an alley and discovered David being attacked by three men.

The fact that his mate was in trouble and hurt enraged Cole to the point that none of the men survived and leaving them in the alley he rushed his mate to the hospital. David was malnourished, covered in scars and had broken ribs. There was no doubt that many of the scars he carried were from the past and someone had done a number on him.

Kai Renard (David) spent ten years being abused by his Uncle Jerrod, barely fed, beaten, chained like a dog he finally was able to escape and has been hiding ever since. Every day he fears his uncle reappearing and when he wakes up in the hospital and sees Cole, the man who saved him he can’t let his guard down. He is convinced that Cole was sent by his uncle and only after talking to him and promising he would not hurt him did Kai agree to go with him.Cole has a rough road ahead convincing Kai that he is his mate and would never harm him but years of abuse have left Kai fearful of letting anyone into his life.

Cole was able to convince Kai to stay with him for one month after which if he still didn’t trust him and wanted to leave he would supply him with money and a place to go all the while praying that the month would be enough for him to convince Kai to stay. Afraid of being touched, afraid of being around people Cole knows that one month would never be enough to get Kai to accept him and he also knows that it would break his heart and leave him broken.

What Kai suffered was heartbreaking and watching as Cole tried over and over to get him to trust him was equally heartbreaking. This was a wonderful story with characters I couldn’t help but love and I highly recommend it.