Skin-Deep Attraction Book Cover Skin-Deep Attraction
Harper Jewel
LGBT, First Contact, Alien Invasion, Science Fiction
Slippery Fingers Press & Publishing Services
May 7, 2020

Can a Plumarian reach deep inside himself to find a way to make the first move toward peace with the hostile Jadelings?
Nayix Lexion, Prince of Plumaria, finds himself dragged back to reality by his father and little sister after enduring an unexpected heartbreak and wallowing in isolation.

At the prospect of a possible rescue and saving Plumaria’s failing environment, he reluctantly agrees to journey to Earth. When several snafus get in his way, together with having his conscience tugged in two different directions, will he find the strength needed to survive?

Will a Jadeling find a way to steer through the long-standing hatred for the Plumarians infused in him by his father?
Veldroi Ruvax, son of the Jadeling Elite Leader, gets thrown into his first mission to Earth. Doing his best to overcome his lack of education and training, he’s unprepared for the glitches hurled at him from all sides.

Faced with memory loss and haunting images, he can’t determine whether truth or fiction, will he be able to escape the foreboding dread he might at any moment become something evil? Or can he believe the words of his beguiling rescuer?
Can a Plumarian and a Jadeling find a way past their differences and see what lies beneath their “skins?” Will they be able to work together to bring a murderer to justice and establish peace between their races while navigating their way through their skin-deep attraction?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

To be honest, sci-fi is my favorite genre in tv shows and movies and my least favorite genre in books. However, every once in a while, I am given a sci-fi book to read and review that just proves you can’t judge a book by its cover. This book had me glued from the beginning to the end.

Nayix Lexion is the Prince of Plumaria and his planet of Zarine was hit by an asteroid that left them having to build a dome to protect them from the harsh conditions on their tiny planet of Zarine. When Nayix’s kindred consort died, he locked himself away in his home ignoring what was going on with his family and the people of Zarine. He was unaware of an attack by the Jadelings. This attack has poisoned their soil and destroyed their greenhouses, greenhouses that housed the grass pink orchids from Earth. These orchids were their alternative fuel source. Without more of the plant, everyone under the dome faces death.

Nayix is asked by his father to return to Earth and find more of the plant, a mission he readily accepts. Nayix and his people are covered in feathers and, with the help of his AI, he can cover his body with skin that will make him appear human to anyone who sees him. He is on alert to the fact that the Elite Leader of the Jadeling’s will be sending someone to kill him and keep him from bringing back the plant needed to ensure life on Zarine. And when a hurricane hits, the Jadeling’s ship is hit by lightning and his escape pod crashes to Earth.

Nayix knows the Elite Leader blames the Plumarian’s for the death of his wife and daughter, even though there is no evidence to support that, but he refuses to just allow the Jadeling that just crashed to die.

Veldroi is the son of the Elite Leader. When he awakens, he sees Nayix and what appears to be a hotel room. Other than that, he has no memory of what happened or who he is. Unlike the Plumarian’s, Jadeling’s are covered in scales. He knows nothing about the man Nate he meets and doesn’t know that Nate is actually Nayix. Although Nayix realizes he is with the man sent to kill him and he can’t help the attraction he feels for him.

This book is full of surprises, betrayals, revenge, sex, and romance. This is a story of two planets at war, neither having any idea why it started and what the catalyst was. I have no intention of revealing what happened and whether there is hope for peace between these two planets. I will say that the characters are wonderful, the story never boring and a sci-fi book I really loved. If you love sci-fi then you will definitely love this book especially since someone who admits to not loving this genre did love this book.