A Good Demon Is Hard to Find Book Cover A Good Demon Is Hard to Find
Supernatural Sweethearts, Book 1
Kate Moseman
Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Demons, Liturgical Drama
Fortunella Press
March 22, 2020

Sometimes, a date from hell is just what you need....

When Erin thoughtlessly lays a curse on Mark, her cheating ex-husband, she doesn’t expect a well-dressed Great Earl of Hell to show up in her kitchen to fulfill the curse (and make damn good coffee while he’s at it).

Andromalius specializes in wickedness and revenge. He’s ready, willing, and able to rain down hell on Erin’s ex—but when Mark announces a hasty new marriage, Erin needs more than just revenge.

She needs a date to the wedding.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Erin is still trying to get over the fact that her ex-husband cheated on her with her best friend and when he comes knocking to ask her to stop going to the church he and his new girlfriend go to he is met with the rest of the clothes hitting him in the face. As he leaves she yells out to him “The Lord forsake you and the Devil take you” and that was all it took for her to have summoned a demon.

Andromalius, “Andy,” is the Great Earl of Hell and he is there to help her get revenge against her ex. At first in a state of disbelief her mind changes when Andy produces a huge set of wings. Andy is determined to find every possible method of revenge, short of death and he takes his job very seriously.  I really got a kick out of his “things to hide that will eventually stink” tuna fish in the curtain rods, blue cheese in the couch cushions and shrimp in the toilet tank.

Everything is going well until Andy accompanies Erin to her school to help her move her things to a different classroom. Visiting with Raya the librarian for lunch all “hell” breaks loose because Raya is a witch and manages to send poor Andy away to “God” knows where.

An attempt to get him back results in the wrong demon. Phoenix is trapped by Raya and will not be freed until he helps get Andy back so the search for Andy begins. Erin realizes that she cares for Andy more than she should.

Erin and Andy are such loveable characters as well as their sidekicks Raya and Phoenix. As I write this review I am in quarantine like the rest of the country and this book managed to add a smile to my face and make me forget for a short time what is going on. If you are dealing with being at home and need a pick me up then definitely pick up this book. I apologize in advance for my puns, but what the hell it was fun.