A Hunter Found Book Cover A Hunter Found
Hired Hunters Series, Book 3
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal, Vampire Romance
Independently published
September 28, 2020

The trouble with women…

Kane Fletcher used to be a Hunter, a vampire who hunted vampires. Now, he controls the territory of Louisiana and all the supernatural beings who reside there. He’d trained for this his entire life, but he hadn’t been prepared for a gorgeous, power-hungry witch bent on mischief or a newly awakened dragon shifter with a hair-trigger on her control. Mayhem is inevitable. Can he maintain peace, or is all he hoped to build doomed to go up in flames?

The problem with men…

After five years in stasis, dragon shifter, Sophia St. John is hungry, irritable, and her overprotective brother isn’t helping matters. Training to be a Hunter seems the perfect solution to work out her aggression, not to mention, prepare her to take revenge on those who had hurt her. The only problem is, the territory has had a change in management and the gorgeous new leader affects her in ways she never could have imagined. Will he help her in her quest for vengeance? Or will he prove as nefarious as his predecessor?

A fragile peace is put to the test as vampires, witches, and shifters collide… The Hunters may never be the same.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

Another amazing addition to a series I absolutely love. If you have not started this series yet then I totally recommend doing so and if you have been waiting for book three like I have then you will definitely not be disappointed. Kimberly Forrest has yet to disappoint in any of her series and if she is new to you I have no doubt you will be hooked.

Kane Fletcher is adjusting to going from a hunter of rogue vampires to being in control of his own territory, Louisiana. It is his responsibility to control all the supernaturals in his area and his hope is to one day have the support of both Archer Langley the alpha of the wolf pack and Destin Jourdain the leader of the Order of Witches. He knows that only with full support and being there for each other can his territory prosper.

After five long years in stasis Sophia St. John has broken free of her rock statue, but being physically free is not nearly as important as being mentally free and that is a work in progress.

She was held prisoner by Olivier Rodolfo who has now been replaced by Kane and in order to save her life she turned into stone. Unable to totally control her dragon she is afraid to be around people in spite of her brother Travis and his mate Morgan’s attempts to get her to go out.

At long last Sophia gives into everyone and visits a house that Kane is interested in purchasing for himself and when she sees him for the first time she is smitten and her dragon feels the same. Kane sees Sophia eating a slim jim and carrying a bag of snacks which leads him right to her. His first thought is she is a girl after his own heart and his heart is leading him to want more than food.

Evangeline Duvalier is determined to make Kane her minion and through him run Louisiana but keeping him under her spell proves to be harder than she thought. The first time all it took was a shower to bring him to his senses and the second time you will have to find out for yourself. 

Evangeline is very powerful having taken power from a demon and even after being captured and locked away managed to escape. She is a force that will take everyone’s involvement if they hope to put her down.  

The relationship between Sophia and Kane is beautiful but Evangeline is a danger that could put an end to it before it fully grows.

It is amazing how sometimes it takes a small thing to change a person’s life, in this case a slim jim and a new house. As I said previously this is a series you should not let go by I in fact don’t let any of Ms. Forrest’s books go by without reading them and am never disappointed.