A Lighter Shade of Blue Book Cover A Lighter Shade of Blue
The Color of Love Book 2
F.E. Feeley Jr
Gay Romance
June 2, 2019

The winter storm has passed, and David and Aaron emerge from their weekend of passionate humanity to take stock and face the rest of their lives with hope. Their bond continues to grow, but they both carry heavy burdens from pasts that return to haunt them. Each faces the specter of former lovers who bring devastation in their wake. Will Aaron and David’s fledgling love withstand the barrage, or will the force of separate maelstroms tear them apart?

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

It is so refreshing to see a young author grow, sprout their wings and try other genres; and succeed!  Mr. Feeley, first began writing with Horror and Paranormal aspects. To this I nicknamed him a second coming of Stephen King. I loved his work.

So, when I saw this new series The Color of Love, I was both happy and surprised that he could show us another side of himself, a gentler side. And I like it!!!

In this story, Feeley writes of two men, meeting at a time in their lives where they were both floundering. Aaron running from a sick relationship that gives him nightmares and David coming from a conventional marriage, divorcing his wife and coming out Bi-sexual.

The author lets them keep the pace, first with the meeting, the actual dating and then what happens when their past comes back to haunt them. It was so fulfilling I cried like a baby at the end….You have to read it…..Kudos Mr. Feeley