Absinthe Eternal Book Cover Absinthe Eternal
Absinthe Trilogy Book 3
Tony-Paul de Vissage
Paranormal Romance
Class Act Books
February 13, 2018

David Varine, star of Ghost Search International, a highly-rated supernaturally-themed reality show, is on assignment. At the request of the New Orléans Historical Society, he’s come to the Big Easy to prove the stately old mansion called Nouvel Espoir is haunted.
It’s said the spirit of Absinthe, accursed son of the original owner, haunts the mansion, with his lover, but David’s a skeptic. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, curses, and any of that ‘supernatural hogwash.’ He’s only in the ghost-hunting business for the money.
Once inside Nouvel Espoir, however, David’s skepticism rapidly disappears. There are too many odd things happening, things he can’t ignore. When his cameraman arrives, the two will be forced to face whatever walks the mansion by night.
Absinthe wants something from them…but what…?

Review by Linda Tonis

Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the final chapter in the life of Absinthe Vaurien and if you have not read the first two books then stop reading this review and get book one immediately!!!!

David Varine is the star of Ghost Search International a reality show that is based on the supernatural. Like his show he is becoming more and more recognized and popular but everything changes when he is sent to Nouvel Espoir a plantation outside of Louisiana rumored to be haunted by Absinthe Vaurien and his lover.

David does a show about a search for ghosts but he is definitely a non-believer until he finds himself staying in the home. The Louisiana State Historical Society has Nouvel Espoir on its list of haunted homes and gives tours of the home but every time someone says they saw something they take it back and refuse to discuss it the Society is hopeful that David can validate the fact that the home is indeed haunted.

If you have read the first two chapters in Absinthe’s life then there is no need for me to explain the tortured life he led but apparently although dead hundreds of years still haunts the Vaurien home, a home he did not live in for very long but died in. It doesn’t take long before David begins to experience strange things, doors open by themselves, books taken off shelves, his bed made. He also can’t get over the fact that his eyes look very much like Absinthe’s did in the painting hanging on the wall.

When David’s cameraman shows up to check on things both he and David begin to suspect that something or someone is definitely haunting the home and for some reason is taking a very strong interest in them. Whether the house is haunted by Absinthe and his lover is not something I will reveal but I will say that there is something going on and it is something you should definitely find out for yourself.

I am a huge fan of this series and of Absinthe who from birth was damned because of who his father was. As I stated before if you have been reading this series than you will not hesitate to read this final chapter in Absinthe’s life and if you haven’t read this series from the beginning don’t hesitate to do so you won’t be sorry.