Aces and Eights Book Cover Aces and Eights
Aces High, Jokers Wild Book Four
O.E. Tearmann
LGBTQ Dystopian Cyberpunk Science Fiction
Amphibian Press
May 16, 2020

The year: 2157 The mission: change everythingThe Unit: Democratic State Force Base 1407 Call handle: The WildcardsSeven Corporations control what was the United States of America. The food supply and its production is controlled by American AgCo. All agricultural seeds in the United States have been genetically designed to fail outside Corporate control.At least, that’s what the Corporations say.There’s a rumor that a seed bank has survived the destabilization that brought down old America, and the seventy-five years of Corporate ownership that followed. If it still exists, it would provide free, accessible food for the Democratic State Force and everyone in their care. It’s a risky hunt for a treasure that may or may not exist. Something to put the most resourceful team in the Force to work on. The Wildcards just got the call.A hunt for hidden treasure.Free food.What could go wrong?Never ask that question. Life’s a bitch. She’ll answer.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

First things first, this is definitely part of a series. You are dropped into a book that assumes you know these characters and the world they live in. And, wow, what a world it is. Tearmann has created a dystopian realm where corporations have segmented our lives, down to every rule that dictates how a person lives.

In this, the fourth book, our intrepid group of “dusters” is finding out that all the good things they are working for, the things that will make their lives so much better, could all disappear because of their pasts. I’ve been following The Wildcards since book one and my absolute favorite thing about this cast of characters is that they represent every possible person on any spectrum, and they are all well written.

The focus of this book is Aidan and Kevin as they do what they can to take care of their base. Tearmann throws so much at these two, but they never give up. The writing makes you almost feel like you are “watching” an amazing movie. It has so much well written detail and dialogue that you are flying through the pages. Highly recommend this for fans of science fiction and of romance.