Adam Book Cover Adam
Whispers from a Hidden World Book 2
TN Tarrant
Science Fiction MMM Romance
MLR Press
April 28, 2019

Adam Darcy might be a star, but he's not immune to a cheating lover. He kicks his lover out and buries himself in work for months until his best friend drags him out to go dancing. Dylan and Simon Rosetai are finally rejoining the scene after a sexual assault on Simon nearly ends both their lives. What affects one lifemate affects the other, after all. But they survived and are determined to go back into the world and enjoy their lives. When they meet Adam, a romance begins, but is threatened by an enemy from Adam's past.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Adam Darcy looks like he has it all. He has the big house, the movie and television acting career, and a loving boyfriend. When he finds his boyfriend has been cheating on him, he goes out with his best friend who just wants to cheer him up. This leads to a meeting that will change his life and bring revelations about who he is that will truly change his whole world.

This is the second book in this series, and we get to see a completely different storyline. In this world where humans have been living alongside another race of beings forever, Tarrant adds an emotional roller coaster of stalking, revenge, and longtime family feuds. Dylan and Simon Rosetai are lifemates. When they both find themselves falling for Adam, and he for them, it takes them all by surprise. Past enemies, known and unknown, make their presences known in this trios’ lives. So not only do they have to figure out how to navigate their new relationship, but also they also have to figure out who is trying to end their lives. This is a solid story. The romance aspect was really well done, with the characters chemistry feeling natural and not forced in any way. Their reactions to their new dynamics was addressed in a very organic and realistic way, including the unique characteristics of their culture. I felt a little slowed down with all of the side characters and detail at times, but it in no way detracted from the narrative. I would definitely recommend this for sci-fi romance fans.