REVIEW: Adele: Historical Western Romance – Cynthia Woolf

Adele Book Cover Adele
Angel Creek Christmas Brides
Cynthia Woolf
Holiday Historical Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing
December 4, 2020

Adele Jensen gave her heart to the wrong man. After seven years as mistress to a power-hungry and vengeful man, she realizes her mistake and leaves New York behind to start a new life in Montana as a Mail Order Bride. Afraid her new husband won't approve of her past, she creates a new identity for herself and hopes with all her heart that her new husband will be the loving husband and father she's always dreamed of.

Edward Wharton doesn't trust women. In fact, the only female he wants to take care of is his seven year old daughter whose mother left him for a gambler and a fifth of whiskey and life in the saloon. When a stagecoach accident took her life, he couldn't find it in his heart to mourn her death, nor to forgive her treachery. But his little girl needs a mother, and Edward is tired of battling life alone. A mail order bride seems to be the perfect solution to his dilemma, he needs a woman in his life, but not in his bed. Definitely not in his heart.

Richard Douglas keeps what's his, and as far as he's concerned, that includes his runaway mistress, Adele. She defied him. Ran from him. Made demands she had no right to make. And he will have her back, no matter the cost.

Angel Creek, Montana is a wild frontier where only the strong survive. Richard's arrival will test Edward's resolve not to love again. Will Adele find the courage to conquer her past and Edward's untamed heart?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Adele Jensen had a hard life growing up in the Irish Slums of New York until her father sold her to Richard Douglas, a rich man who took her as his mistress. She lived a very comfortable life as Richard’s mistress and had everything she could ever want but as she grew older Richard took a younger mistress and left Adele by herself. Wanting nothing more than a husband and children she goes to Brides of the West and signs up as a mail-order bride. She always thought that Richard would marry her one day but she was just another possession. It was Edward Wharton, a rancher in Angel Creek, Montana that answered her letter.


Edward was married and has a seven year old daughter, but his marriage was not good and his wife walked out on him and their child to be with another man. She died, something Edward failed to tell his daughter, who was convinced that her mother would some day return. She is like so many other children unable to accept that their mother did not care about them and as little as she did for her daughter, Lissa still wanted her. It is finally time for him to take a wife and give Lissa a mother, someone who will be stronger than he is and will not allow her to run amok.


Adele lied about what she did before becoming a mail-order bride saying she was a nanny and a widow, a lie that would only be revealed if Richard decided to come after her, and he did. Once again Edward finds himself with a wife he can’t trust in spite of how Adele explained she had to way out. Now she has to prove herself to her husband who she has fallen in love with and get her new daughter to accept and love her.


Richard is not willing to leave without Adele and puts Lissa in danger but she will do anything to protect her daughter and keep her new life with her new family from coming to an end. Once again a wonderful story filled with wonderful characters all looking for love even when they have been hurt in the past.


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