Agartha Book Cover Agartha
Sedona Book 3
Jaylee Austin
Jaylee's World
July 17, 2019

As a soul catcher’s assistant, April Lopez understood demons. But one psychotic sidhe bent on turning the human race into a colony of reptilian zombies sent her into a fate she never expected…an excursion to Middle Earth. The adventure turns her world inside out. Days after her arrival, images of a prior life plague her with more questions than answers. She searches to understand how the pieces are tied together and finds herself in the arms of Zorith’s leader. With his violet eyes and stoic personality, Sarielle Torian challenges her like no other man. She fights the attraction, but can’t deny the sizzling passion stirring in her heart.

Sarielle Torian, an ancient Atlantean priest has no time for fun or shadowing a female determined to bring Agartha into the conflicts of the surface dwellers. April wears an ancient relic containing an encrypted message. A secret that will forever change their lives…

Sarielle can think of nothing else but keeping the community of Zorith safe. When April worms her way into his world, he must chose to cling to his beliefs or risk his heart and fall in love. Can Sarielle and April surrender to a passion that transcends time?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

April Lopez has been asked to go to Middle Earth accompanied by Tamara a fairy cat to get help from a priest in Zorith to stop Ursula and the Archon from enslaving humanity. Current weather conditions on the surface are threatening the world and April although unable to transport agreed to go.

April is a medium and clairvoyant who works with Lara in her boutique and who we have met before and now she is undertaking a very dangerous job. When she finally arrives in Zorith and meets the man she hopes will help her she is left with a feeling that she has known him before but can’t figure out where or when.

Sarielle Torian knows that April has to remember her past and who she is and as much as he tries to get her to see that the Zorith way of living is the right way all she wants is to return to Sedona. There is no hatred or violence on Zorith everyone gets food and clothes and lives in harmony but to April it lacks a certain freedom.

April begins to get visions and they do lead her to who she was in the past and how she knows Sarielle but I won’t reveal that. I will say that I did read the first two books in this series and was hoping that this one would be different I mentioned in my other reviews that the author used so many characters and so many different scenarios that it left me confused at times and this book was the same. I gave the book three stars because of April and Sarielle and their relationship to one another but I have to admit that I did skip through a lot of the book since between the science and the angels and Atlantis and on and on and on I just needed to skip some.

If you are a true fan of fantasy then this book might just be up your alley, but as far as this reviewer is concerned it left confused.