Agate: Then and Now Book Cover Agate: Then and Now
The Stones of Power, Book 4
M.D. Grimm
LGBT, Time Travel, Paranormal, Gay, Romance
M.D. Grimm; 2 edition
May 2, 2017

Time travel.

For mages, it violates their number one rule: what the Mother has written, let no one unwrite. The Mother writes the destinies of the creatures on the world of Karishian. If her writings were undone, it is feared that Creation itself could be undone. The Dark Mage Morgorth takes this rule to heart, but there are others who do not.

Morgorth is about to claim a stone of power when it is stolen from him by a female mage he hasn't seen in decades. As they struggle for the stone, she activates it, and Morgorth is unwillingly plunged into another time and another place. It isn't long before he realizes what time he's found himself in and there are a few familiar faces.

Most notable is a much younger version of Aishe. His mate.

Living with a tribe who will be massacred, caring for a young lad who will become his mate, and fighting a battle against a mage who can travel from past to future at a whim—Morgorth's life has never been easy but now he must contend with the will of the Mother. Unable to change the future and the tragedies of Aishe's life, he must decide what his role in his mate's past will be, and ask himself one vital question: how does one defeat time?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another Stone of Power has been located and this time Morgorth has asked Aishe to accompany him. This should have been an easy retrieval but it was stolen before Morgorth got to it. The thief is well known to Morgorth she is a mage from his past Drasyln, a mage who tried to get him to join with her so that together they could rule the world, his answer was a definitive “NO”.

Unfortunately the stone that Drasyln is in possession of is an Agate and is the Stone of Time which she activate sending her and Morgorth back to the same time that Morgorth and Aishe first met, the time when Morgorth instructed Aishe to learn to be a warrior and to never mention their meeting each other. Now Morgorth not only has to deal with the fact that he can’t change history and that all of Aishe’s family and tribe will be murdered in the future he always knows the pain that Aishe experienced at the loss of everyone he every knew. Now as Morgorth is welcomed into the tribe and interacts with Aishe’s family he is experiencing Aishe’s pain first hand since he has grown to respect and care for all these people.

At first Morgorth is taken back by the fact that Aishe never revealed having met him in the past but then realizes that Aishe kept his promise, a promise Morgorth made him make to never reveal anything that happened between them. Now the secret is out and the only secret still left is Morgorth’s past as a torturer, destroyer and killer and whether Aishe will be able to still love him after finding everything out.

Morgorth has to use Aishe and his tribe as bait to get to Drasyln and retrieve the stone which will send him back to the future. When he faces the pain that she causes to Aishe and his family his hatred for her and desire to destroy her becomes overwhelming but he is determined to not return to the monster he once was and will return her to the Council for punishment once she is caught.

We know all about Aishe’s meeting with Morgorth and how he fell in love with him but we never got the full details until now and we got to see the effect that it all had on Morgorth, another lesson in what a real family is and what love truly means.

I can’t help but love Aishe and Morgorth and can’t wait to read what adventures face them next. There is violence and explicit sex and betrayal.