Angel Grace Book Cover Angel Grace
The Ryan Chronicles Book 1
J.E. Taylor
Paranormal Romance Mystery
JET-Fueled Fiction
May 20, 2014

When CJ Ryan's girlfriend decides life is less complicated without him, CJ travels a destructive path into despair, walking the line between what's right and what feels good. But what feels good is a dangerous slope to travel, especially when Lucifer wages war for his soul.

One wrong step and CJ could fall into the devil's trap, becoming no better than the demons he battles.

Review by Penelope Adams

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Readers of Ms. Taylor’s Trinity Rising and The Steve Williams Series will be thrilled to know the saga continues with The Ryan Chronicles.   The series begins where The Trinity Rising series ended with the epic battle between Damian and Lucifer for the children of Damian and Naomi – triplets, two boys and a girl who is the true trinity.  Now we get C.J.’s story, a young man with the power to destroy the world who has lost both parents and now the love of his life turns her back on him.   C.J. must make a decision, spiral into a path of destruction or live his life dedicated to saving the trinity child – Grace.

I was fascinated with Ms. Taylor’s Trinity Rising series, which featured a centuries old vampire and his newly turned wife, both of whom were descendants of angels.  I moved from that series to the Steve Williams series, Steve was a major player in the last book of Damian and Naomi’s story.  An FBI agent who ended up adopting the two sons of a known criminal and the woman he once kidnapped and abused, both of whom had special talents that they passed on to their two sons and Steve.

C.J. is the oldest of their sons, he has been blessed or cursed according to how you look at it with the power to destroy anything in his path.  The trouble is he has a slight problem with controlling his power and when his temper gets the best of him, it tends to leak out.  Ms. Taylor starts her newest series out focusing on him, she gives us updates on the people we’ve met in the previous two series but C.J. is our main character.  C.J. is not always easy to like, as a matter of fact there were times when I found myself disliking him so much I worried about the future of this series.   He is one of those people that it takes extreme circumstances to find his own footing and following on the path is difficult but in the end, I found myself cheering for him and hoping for the best.

This story is not for the faint of heart, there are some pretty intense scenes which can be a bit graphic.  There are times when you just might need to turn away and take a moment but if one is able to gather their wits and stick with it the reward is great.   I love a good story and Ms. Taylor tells a story that, even if at times is almost too intense to bear, is gripping and a so spellbinding that the reader can’t help but be intrigued and satisfied with until the very ending.  And therein lies one of my niggles, the ending.  I won’t give it away but alas, it does give us one of those nasty cliffhangers that I’m not fond of.  I’m not a reader that needs a happily ever after, nor do I mind a continuing story but I need a little closure of some sort and while there is some, there are a number of things left hanging that frustrated me.   Will I read the next book, you betcha, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting it.   This is the beginning of another saga by Ms. Taylor that anyone who likes a good mystery/thriller with a bit of paranormal, romance and some great characters will love.

1st Place Winner: Best Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel

2014 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards