Angel in Waiting Book Cover Angel in Waiting
The Earthbound Series Book 3
Sharon Saracino
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press
March 20, 2015

Earthbound angel Dimitri Radchenko has waited centuries to avenge his family and to find the one woman destined to complete him. After nursing her back to health following a demonic possession, he fears he may have finally found that woman in romance author, Elle Gates.

Elle is beautiful, smart, and successful, but she is also human. Having endured centuries of loss, Dimitri fears binding his heart and soul to a woman destined to age and die. But Elle has been living a lie. When she suddenly disappears, Dimitri is compelled to follow, and discovers that not only is Elle not who she seems to be, she isn’t who she thought she was.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When book two ended Elle Gates, Kat McAllister’s best friend had been possessed by a demon. It has been three weeks since the demon was killed and Elle was freed. Kat put her care into the hands of Dimitri Radchenko an Earthbound and a doctor and every night he sits by her bedside while nightmares tear her apart. She is now home in the States living in her own condo and in all that time she has not written one word. She is a famous author of romance novels but since the demon she has lost that loving feeling.

Unfortunately since the demon incident she has more to worry about than just that, her father has found her. Elle has secrets she has never shared with anyone and they all revolve around the man she called her father and now thinks of as a monster. The only comfort she gets is when Dimitri is around, after every nightmare she wakes up to him sitting by her bed. Dimitri is beginning to feel more about Elle than he should but he knows that as a human loving her would just mean losing her after only a few decades or so and he will live for centuries. He has to decide if even a short time with her is better than no time with her at all.

Elle realizes that her father could mean danger for the people she loves and the only thing she can do is run away. She has to leave everything and everyone that ever meant anything to her and start over. For years she thought her father was a Librarian whose job was to observe and record Earthbounds but then the truth was revealed and she ran. She didn’t have the courage to tell her friends that she was an abomination born in a petri-dish and that her father was a danger to them for fear that she would see hatred in their eyes. What she never planned on was Dimitri’s dogged determination not to let her go and when she revealed everything to him she was right about his reaction which was hatred and anger, what she was wrong about was the hatred and anger were aimed at her father and not her. Kat’s anger was that Elle didn’t trust her but her love for Elle way out ways her anger.

Dimitri also has a past history that plagues him. His family lived on a small farm that was attacked by a Fallen, killing his parents and everyone he knew in the small village. He was left to die and now all he has is the desire for revenge. He knows who did it but it has been centuries and has no idea where he is or what he looks like but that doesn’t mean he is willing to give up. Dimitri and Elle realize that they belong together but is she Earthbound or human? I certainly am not telling in this review.

This books was the second one I read. I did not read book one and although you can read them separately I felt that I lost out by not reading them in order. There are many surprises and secrets in this book and we do catch up with Callista and Luca. I loved this book because having read book two I knew exactly what was happening and who everyone was.