Angel's Eyes Book Cover Angel's Eyes
The Sons of Gomorrah, Book 3
Katerina Ross
LGBT, Paranormal, Gay Romance, Novella
Evernight Publishing
December 12, 2018

For Tristan Todorov, formerly a freelance magician and now a consultant on occult matters, living with an incubus turns out to be rather challenging. Not only because there’s little information on incubi, Gomorrah pleasure demons. Jarek, the one he has a contract with, has a fiery personality and a dark past, and sometimes he’s a mystery Tristan can’t decipher.

When Tristan ends up in possession of an illegal artifact with peculiar powers, he hopes it might help him and Jarek to finally understand each other. Will it be a blessing indeed—or a curse that might put them both in danger?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


One year and one day that is how long Tristan’s contract with Jarek is for and one year and one day is how long Tristan’s contract is with the Black Baron so now the two of them are living together in a small apartment fulfilling their contracts.

There are so many things that Tristan doesn’t know about Jarek, a Gomorrah pleasure demon, does he brush his teeth, does he eat real food or only the energy he receives from having sex, questions a human would never have to be asked. When Jarek begins having nightmares Tristan realizes that his life has not been all wine and roses and sex.

Tristan is assigned to find Schwarzenstein’s prodigy, an artist so he appears at the exhibition he has set up for him. For some unknown reason the artist has been keeping to himself, no phone calls and not appearing for publicity. Tristan has to find a way to bring the man back to himself and make sure he appears for the exhibition using whatever means is necessary. It doesn’t take long before Tristan learns the reason behind the man’s depression, an amulet he acquired.

The amulet is in the form of a bracelet which when worn allows the wearer to detect a person’s emotions and unfortunately he used it to ascertain whether his girlfriend really liked him or not and she did, only when she discovered he used a charm to determine her feelings she felt betrayed and left him. Now with the bracelet in his hands Tristan decides it might be time to use it with Jarek to determine how they really feel about each other, big mistake because he discovers what truly is hidden inside the pleasure demon and it is not all pleasure.

Tristan and Jarek have to learn to live with their differences and even with a one time betrayal on one of their parts but if this book and series ends with a HEA I will not say. There are surprises, sex and a story of a demon and a human both solitary and damaged.