Review: Archangel’s Gambit – Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Archangel's Gambit Book Cover Archangel's Gambit
Fangs and Halos #4
Charlayne Elizabeth Denney
Paranormal Romance
Heavenly Fangs Books

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I said this before when I reviewed the first three books in this series, this is a series that must be read in order since each book ends in a cliffhanger and then picks up in the next book. This series is worth the read but can be confusing if you don’t start at the beginning.

When we left off in book three Marcus had hurt Lilly for defending Essex an angel working at his company and spying for Heaven. Although he knows that Lilly is pregnant with his child he can’t let her betrayal go by without punishment. He breaks Baron’s neck, if you read the books you know that Baron is her vampire cat. He also brings comic relief to a story that can sometimes be intense. He is able to communicate with Lilly mentally and is very protective over her kittens as he calls her baby.

As if hurting Baron wasn’t enough he nearly drained Essex of all his blood locking him and Lilly up until Lilly decided whether she would turn him and save his life. Essex does not want to be turned but she hears Sullivan mentally begging her to save his best friends life. In spite of the fact that Sullivan wants Essex turned she knows that Essex is adamant about being allowed to die and return to Heaven. Whether she turns Essex or not is not for me to reveal.

Marcus also has to deal with his lover Jesse who he promised he would never turn but when Nelson Mishkoph nearly killed him Marcus could not let him go. Now Marcus is doing everything in his power to get Jesse to forgive him and Jesse is doing everything he can to torment Marcus until he feels Marcus could decided enough is enough.

Sullivan is still in the Monastery in Norway going through scrolls to find the two missing ones that Mikhail needs. He knows that Lilly needs him but he realizes the importance of what he is doing and Mikhail has promised that she is being looked after.

Marcus is turning angels into vampires and is preparing for a war against Heaven. Lucifer is wanting to take over Heaven and rule it. There are spies on every side and there is betrayal and lies. There are times I take the side of the vampires since the angels don’t always act with love and kindness.

This book covers everyone we have read about, the demons, angels and vampires and as with the other three books we are left with unanswered questions which will undoubtedly be answered in the next book. I hope the wait for book five is not too long.

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  1. I’m curious, you’re talking about Archangel’s Gambit on Audible? I don’t have an account and I’ve not gotten versions for that site. Did you get it from Audible or another source.


  2. Hi Clay. I wish I had an audio book to send you, but I’ve not been able to get that to happen yet.

    My books are also available on Smashwords in every format, Nook, Kobo, itunes, and Kindle. If you have one of those, you can pick it up at this address:

    Books can also be read on your computer, you can download both the Nook and Kindle apps on their sites for free.


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