Artistic Pursuits Book Cover Artistic Pursuits
Art Stories Book 3
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 12, 2012

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is another excellent addition to the Art series.  In this novel we meet Federal Agent, Frank Jennings, who has been assigned to a case involving the theft of three Tiffany windows.  Not just any windows, but windows over one hundred years old and worth millions.  They are an important part of the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music and were there at night and missing in the morning.  How can three huge Tiffany windows disappear without breaking or leaving any clues behind?

Frank is having a hard time figuring out where to start, with no footprints, and no fingerprints where does he begin?  But when he finds out that he will be assisted by Leslie Carlton from Interpol, he thinks that might help.  Leslie has been working for at least ten years on cat burglar and art theft cases so he is definitely more knowledgeable than Frank on this subject.  Only when Leslie is not the woman he expected, but a gorgeous Englishman Frank finds himself concentrating more on Leslie then on the case.

Frank has no idea if Leslie is even gay, but he can’t get him out of his mind.  He invites him to stay at his house while working the case and of course, one thing leads to another.  This is certainly a relationship that has nowhere to go; Leslie is from England and Frank from the USA, in addition to them having two totally different careers.  While gathering information, Leslie advises Frank that a Japanese man named Koshigawa always seems to be the first one they think of when Tiffany windows are stolen, since they are an obsession of his.  The problem is, once he is in possession of the windows they are next to impossible to get back.  Japan has a two year rule, if you purchase property and have it for two years you get to keep it even if it is proven to be stolen.  The only hope is for Frank and Leslie to find the windows before they are shipped out of the country.

When no new leads come up and there seems to be nothing more to do, Leslie is called back to England.  During the weeks he is gone, Frank can’t get him out of his mind and knows that the passionate night they had meant more than just sex. But, did Leslie feel the same?  When things pick up in the investigation Leslie returns, but do they feel the same way?  Even if they do, Leslie will once again have to return to England when the case is solved.

As in the other books, this one also contains explicit sex but, in addition to that it has a mystery, and it is interesting to watch how Frank and Leslie go about investigating the crime. We also touch base once again with Brian, Nicolai and Zoe.  And Zoe still remains an amazing character although she is now twelve.  I have read many of Andrew Grey’s books and to date have loved them all.  I can’t wait for book four.