Asmodeus: The Gift of Lust Book Cover Asmodeus: The Gift of Lust
A Sinful Seven Novel
JC Brown and Lena Lane
Paranormal Romance
Independently Published
October 1, 2020

Once an angel, Asmodeus has earned the position of King of Demons, crawling his way up after leaving Heaven. His job, for all eternity, is to tempt humans with his gift, the sin of Lust, marking the weak, while still maintaining control over all other demons. After several millennia of fun, the pleasure he’d once gotten from his existence is gone. Or it was until Jophiel, Beauty of God, shows up at his place unexpectedly. Now, for the first time in a long time, he’s enjoying himself again—at her expense.

Jophiel, Beauty of God, angel of illumination, wisdom, and perception, has been tasked with the most challenging job of her long existence, a task that may just end her life. She needs to bring a demon home, to Heaven. But not just any demon. Asmodeus is one of the Royal Seven, the King of Demons. She knew going in that he’d fight her at every turn. But as prepared as she believed herself to be, she soon finds out that she’s no match for him. Because demons fight dirty.

To make matters worse, there is one among them who demands more power. In a world full of evil, where human souls are at stake, can they work together to defeat a common enemy and restore balance?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  

Asmodeus (Asme) is one of the Royal Seven is the Demon of Lust and King of Demons. He does his job every day marking those that are evil and returning home to his abandoned loft containing just a bed and his pet dragon, Zayit. When not marking those who prove they are evil he rides Zayit and then just stays curled up in his bed. While the other’s of the Royal Seven are still thrilled with what they do, Asme is beginning to feel empty.


Asme fell when he fell in love with a human girl and killed the seven men she was to marry one after another. In time he realized that what he felt for her was lust and that is now what he is the Demon of Lust. Everyday he loses more feathers from his wings he is either ill or it is caused by his lack of desire for his job. Heaven believes that demons serve a purpose they weed out the bad from the good and losing his feathers would endanger his position.


One day Jophiel, Beauty of God shows up at his loft, her job is to return Asme to Heaven to be healed and she is ready, willing and able to fight him if necessary. Unfortunately demons do not play fair and he uses his gift of lust on her making her hungry for his attention. Losing the fight with him she takes herself to an island and calls for help to heal only how she will heal her feathers which are now a shade of grey because she gave in to her lust.


Asme uses his gift against her time and again until she knows that she can never return home but that doesn’t stop her from doing her job, returning Asme to Heaven for healing. Asme is convinced that the only thing that will happen if he returns is his death or torture. I don’t want to go into too much about what happens between Asme and Jophiel and whether an angel can redeem a demon. 


The book is about an angel and a demon but someone is looking to take over as King of Demons and Jophiel is in the line of fire. I truly loved this story since it proved that anyone demon or human can change if they desire too.