Azimuth Book Cover Azimuth
The Interscission Project Book 2
Arshad Ahsanuddin
Science Fiction
July 1, 2015

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

While Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are the mainstay of my reading.  This is only my second visit back into the Science Fiction genre since I was in the Science Fiction Book Club for many, many years.  I read the first book in this series and gave it 4 Stars but while this one will get 3.5 Stars it is a near thing. (Yes while I used a similar sentence in my review of book 1, it is still true)

First I should mention I have been a lukewarm fan of time travel at best and in most cases disliked it.  The first book carried things off pretty well but this novel while having a great story seemed to leave too many of those bane of time travel … the unbelievable paradox.  While this would seem to be an obvious thing if done less than perfectly it pulls you out of the story while you try to think “if that happens, then would not THIS happen” type mental processes.

As with book 1 any romance fell flat for me but was saved by a good story/plot.  Sadly, it became too convoluted and things kept pulling me out of the story as mentioned above, add in a few editing mistakes and you see why this book lost a half star from Zenith to Azimuth.  The cast of characters is daunting but well defined, one or two places where it looked like TSTL reared its head but again the overall story saves the day in this novel.

While this story uses pretty much the same main characters the time travel element makes it a new story for the most part, I guess at this point I should mention you HAVE to read these 2 books in order, no exceptions.

You have multiple points of view and a multi-layered plot as you did in book 1 but I was not as entertained by this book as its predecessor.  So while this is a good book and if you loved book 1 you will want to read it, do not expect the same enjoyment IMHO.

I hate repeating myself in reviews but these comments of book 1 can be repeated here with no danger of being wrong. “There is murder, sabotage, mysteries abound so you won’t be lacking for parts to find that capture your attention but for me there were also parts that just dragged a bit … This was done good but not great, while it kept my attention it was not that hard to set down.”