Mail Order Baron Book Cover Mail Order Baron
The Brides of Tombstone Book 3
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing
June 30, 2015
Ebook and Print

When her parents died, Molly McGregor did what she needed to survive in New York City all alone. She took a job for a well respected banker, but made a discovery that put her life in danger. Now in 1882 she is fleeing New York for the western frontier, Molly makes the desperate decision to become a mail order bride in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. She doesn't hope for much, just that her new husband will be strong enough to protect her from the danger she fears will follow.

Ben King was too busy making his fortune in silver to worry about a wife or family. Now he's rich, well known, owns half the town of Tombstone, and is utterly alone. When his heart becomes entangled with his best friend's new wife, he decides drastic action is required and contracts a mail order bride. He requests someone plain, someone simple to warm his hearth and home, someone he can be sure won't rouse his passion or complicate his life. He's tired of fancy women chasing him for his money, and even more tired of hoping any woman could be different. He doesn't believe in true love, and doesn't want the complications that would come with it. He doesn't have time for complicated. He has an empire to run.

But Molly is a shock to his senses. She doesn't care about his money or his fame. All she wants from him is a safe haven, security, and a new last name. Ben tries to keep his heart out of danger, but danger seems to be Molly's middle name. When a rich and powerful enemy chases his beautiful new bride halfway across the country to extract vengeance, Ben discovers his heart is not nearly as cold as he'd hoped. Their passion fires hot, hot enough to kill...more than hot enough to burn them both.
Steam Heat Level - HOT

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


It is 1883, and twenty-eight year old Molly McGregor is on her way from New York to Tombstone, Arizona to be Benjamin King’s mail order bride. Molly worked as a secretary at a bank in New York and when she discovered Tom Marlow had embezzled money, she immediately turned him in. Arrested and facing a long term in prison, he was able to escape. The first thing on his to do list is to find and kill Molly. Convinced that Tombstone was far enough away from New York and that Tom would never find her, she is ready to begin her new life with her new husband.

Ben, of course, is the man we met in the last book when he fell in love with Julia, the already married mail order bride. She was married to his best friend, Doctor Matthew Reynolds. Knowing he didn’t have a chance with her, Ben decided he wanted to have a wife and children. As soon as Molly arrived, she is told Ben arranged for them to be married the next morning. This is a little soon for Molly who grew up with a mother who advised her that having sex with a man was only to have children and something to hate. Molly was frightened until the first kiss from Ben, a kiss she claims curls her toes.

Now married to a man who turns out to be the wealthiest man in Tombstone, she has to learn how to live alone. Other than breakfast and making love, Ben is away at work and spends little or no time at home. Molly also learns about Julia and that Ben loves her. Although he claims to care for Molly, he is convinced he will never love again. This is not quite the way Molly planned her married life. In spite of her determination not to fall in love with a man incapable of loving her back, she can’t help herself. Ben is caring, and although not able to love her, he is faithful and devoted.

The day Molly runs into Tom changes her life. She hasn’t revealed to Ben the real reason she left New York to become a mail order bride. Now she is afraid if she tells him the truth, he will become angry. When Tom nearly kills her with his buggy, she realizes she can no longer keep Ben in the dark. Concerned for her safety, he hires a body guard and ensures his wife is properly protected. With a bodyguard watching her, he then feels free to stay away from home even more.

Unlike many other mail order bride books, Molly and Ben immediately took to each other. They consummated their marriage right after the judge said “I Do” and the only constant in their life was sex. Molly hopes for a child, someone who she knows will need and love her.

As with all the other books in the series, I loved the simple, romantic, historical love story. I read it in two hours because it is a simple and entertaining read. We touch base with the other couples we have met before and now get to add a new one, Molly and Ben. I hope there are more books planned for this series.