Beguiling Delilah Book Cover Beguiling Delilah
Romancing the Guardians, Book Six
Lyn Horner
Paranormal Romance Suspense
July 13, 2017

He’s a Navajo sworn to bring her to America;
She’s a sexy genius in a race with him across France

Delilah Moreau, the glamorous French Guardian, possesses a miraculous mathematical talent that provides her a privileged life, but it can’t give her what she truly wants: lasting love. Leon Tseda, a Navajo whose homeland serves as a hidden gathering place for the Guardians, vows to bring Delilah to safety, thwarting thugs sent to capture her and the valuable scroll she guards. Opening in Paris, the story whisks the pair in a life-and-death chase across France to Nice and Monte Carlo on the breathtaking Côte d’Azur.

Both Delilah and Leon have lost loved ones, and they’re no longer youngsters, but they are not too old for a second chance at love. Their journey is fraught with danger, excitement and steamy, mature romance. Will it lead to love – if they live long enough?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Delilah Moreau is a Guardian living in France and dedicating herself to her business and not the prophecy she has been charged to guard. One day she gets an uninvited and unwanted visitor when Leon Tseda comes calling. Leon is a Navajo sent to bring Delilah back to the States to join the other Guardians only she is not willing to just trust him nor does she want to go to the States and leave her life.

It doesn’t take long before Leon convinces Delilah that he is there to protect her from the Hellhounds led by Balor and who is determined to kill all the Guardians and obtain all the prophecies. When the Hellhounds come to Delilah’s office she can no longer deny that she is in danger and needs to accompany Leon. They are followed wherever they go since Balor has people at his disposal everywhere.

There is no doubt that the airports are being watched and a disguise is the only chance they have of going unnoticed. Cutting his long grey hair and dying it even Delilah takes a moment to recognize him and her blond curly wig and outlandish outfit is equally shocking. They cannot fly from France and their journey takes them to Nice but how long can they hope to go unrecognized?

Balor wants Delilah but his greatest desire is to get Lara Flewellen the leader of the Guardians who he blames for his disfigurement and all his other troubles. He has had Lara’s twin sister Sara his prisoner for two years keeping her addicted to heroin and making her give him information on where Lara is. There is a connection between the sisters and as much as Sara tries to keep Lara’s whereabouts a secret the pull of the heroin and her withdrawal from it are too much for her to bear but that is a story for another time.

While running Leon and Delilah grow close and although he never thought he could be with another woman after the death of his wife he is beginning to think differently. Leon and Delilah are both older she is in her forties and he is in his fifties and neither ever thought they could find love at their age.

I have read all the books in this series and loved them all. Reviews are all subjective, each person sees something another might not and I see a series filled with suspense and amazing characters.