Between The Shadows Book Cover Between The Shadows
Lake Lanier Mysteries Book 3
Casi McLean
Time Travel Romance
September 18, 2018

She never expected to confront deadly villains…let alone fall in love with one…

After her friend, York, encounters the ghostly image of a young woman, Mackenzie Reynolds seizes the opportunity to initiate a time jump, thrusting them back to 1865 Georgia. Resolved to thwart the girl’s untimely fate, Kenzi stumbles into a deadly conflict over a stockpile of stolen Confederate gold.

An injured Civil War survivor, James Adams departs for home with a war-fatigued companion he’s determined to help. After pilfering a horse and kidnaping a woman, he never dreamed his hostage would steal his heart.

Kenzi and James must unravel a deadly plot, while helping York save his ghost woman from a brutal death. But can she leave York in a violent past to save James’s life?

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Just to repeat myself, I can tell you up front that time travel romance is not my favorite genre to read, not because of the stories but the writing of it is usually done in such a way it leaves me frustrated as a reader in most cases (but not all).

While I expected this story to go much like the previous 2 books (which I DID enjoy) it had some interesting twists, for starters it was about York (our prince we left on the riverbank at the end of the previous book) which was expected but we also have a 2nd romance involving Mackenzie Reynolds who is the daughter of Drew (also from previous books) which puts this story a few years after the last book.

To make a long story short, they both travel back into 1865 Georgia where the war is recently over and many Union troops are headed back home. We have a group of 3 of such troops who are important to this story and one of them kidnaps Mackenzie and separately another one does the same to the love interest of York.

So for once we don’t have a lot of switching back and forth in time which I liked, but we do have some problems getting back to where they belong and saving our duo of heroines.

There are some scary moments and some mystery and thrills but this is still a romance at heart with a thriller storyline that was addicting and I could not wait to see how it would be resolved and much to my surprise it was NOT resolved as I had expected which was a twist I had not seen coming.

Bottom Line:  4 stars for a great story, twists I did not see coming and a great ending, would have been 5 Stars but I felt it was verbose in several places which slowed down the reading of this story.