Review: Bishop Takes Knight – McKenna Dean

Bishop Takes Knight Book Cover Bishop Takes Knight
Redclaw Origins Book 1
McKenna Dean
Paranormal Romance
Redclaw Publishing
September 18, 2019

New York, 1955. Former socialite Henrietta ("Rhett") Bishop, destitute after her father gambles away the family fortune, takes a job at Redclaw Security. But Redclaw is no ordinary operation. Part detective firm and part enforcement agency, Redclaw regulates matters involving the growing population of shifters who have emerged since the onset of the nuclear age.

Peter Knight is a nuclear scientist shattered by the death of his wife. Blacklisted by the government and scientific organizations, he drowns his sorrows while searching for the people behind his wife's murder.

When Rhett is assigned to recruit Knight, their meeting is more than either bargained for—a rival organization will do anything to secure Knight for themselves. Following a lead to locate a missing cache of alien technology stolen from Redclaw, Rhett is thrown back into her previous glittering life with Knight as her pretend boyfriend. But when someone from the past turns up to start a bidding war on the artifacts, Bishop and Knight wind up in a fight for their very lives.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Henrietta (Rhett) Bishop was once a socialite who now steals rolls from restaurants to eat. Her father gambled away everything they had and then took a gun to his head, her mother did better she married an old boyfriend not three months later, a very rich old boyfriend and moved to Wyoming. Rhett has no intention of moving in with her mother who is not her favorite person right now. With her background she knows that she could easily marry for money but that is not something she will ever consider.

She has had no luck in keeping a job she either quits or is fired and it doesn’t matter that it has to do with the men feeling she is ripe for the taking. She has been given an address for an interview and it is her last hope but this interview is at the wrong place and after waiting a long time she is told to leave. Rhett is spunky and although admittedly her typing is less than par she lists all the things she can do, fly a plane, she has travelled the world and looked wild animals in the eye and that spunk got her hired by the boss who was listening in.

Rhett is working for Redclaw Security a company she has no idea about until the day a mechanical spider winds up under her desk. She realizes something is going on but her big chance comes when the receptionist is attacked and someone is stealing files. An excellent shot and a gun in her purse she manages to stop the thief and once again gain the attention of the boss, Ryker. Ryker offers her a job as a field agent and gives her her first assignment; find Dr. Peter Knight a nuclear scientist.

With all the nuclear testing artifacts are appearing and in the wrong hands they would be deadly the hope is Dr. Knight can figure out what they are and how they should be used but he disappeared two years ago after he was blacklisted and his wife was killed by a hit and run driver. The picture she sees she recognizes immediately it is a man she saved from being run over just prior to her going to her interview and she realizes where she should begin looking.

Redclaw is not the only organization looking for Knight but fortunately for him they find him first. It seems that Rhett comes easily to the role of agent her only problem is that she doesn’t know how to work well with others and goes it alone. She and Knight do get along and work well together and she has become accustomed to the existence of shifters, another effect of nuclear testing but her adventure is just beginning.

Loved this book and anxiously await more. I loved watching as Rhett got not only herself in trouble but dragged poor Knight along with her. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good paranormal romance.

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