Bishop's Gambit Book Cover Bishop's Gambit
Redclaw Origins, Book 2
McKenna Dean
Paranormal, Historical, Shifter, Romance
Redclaw Publishing
October 6, 2020

Bake a cake for the Ladies Association meeting? Give her a cold, hard killer to apprehend any day...

Newly-minted secret agent Rhett Bishop would rather face down a horde of angry wolf shifters or her father’s former mob contacts than accept her current assignment: pose undercover as a suburban housewife, complete with a husband, slippers, and pipe.

But after the debacle of her previous mission, Rhett has a lot to prove.

To redeem herself in the eyes of Redclaw Security, and to carry out her mission without distractions, she must table her budding relationship with Peter Knight while the two of them uncover the secrets of Forest Grove.

Armed with her trusty ray gun, her unique little dog, and Knight’s brains, Rhett is confident she can handle whatever the suburbs can throw at her.

Until they lob a curveball.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Rhett Bishop is now an agent for Redclaw Security but has a lot to prove after her fiasco in the Hamptons. Her new assignment should make her happy and it would have if it didn’t involve her working with Peter Knight and posing as a married couple. The situation between the two has not progressed and now she will be sharing a house and bed with him. Refusing would not bode well and so she, Peter, her trusty ray gun and her little terrier Champion who when the right word is said turns into a dinosaur set off for Forest Grove.

Forest Grove is a gated community that has been the subject of strange occurrences, a sinkhole dropping an entire house into it, a case of a man burning to death in his bed all lead to the possibility of an artifact which has to be found.  Trying to fit into a suburban neighborhood and pulling off being the perfect suburban wife is no easy task since once upon a time ago Rhett was a socialite. That life ended when her dad was involved in bootlegging and killed himself after losing the family fortune, of course that did not really affect her mom who found another rich husband.

Peter gives Rhett a ruby ring proving they are married only neither of them realizes that this ring is an artifact and it isn’t until Rhett can’t remove it from her finger no matter how hard she tries and it can reveal whether a person is lying or telling the truth.  While Peter is busy working on various machines Rhett is busy trying to fit in with the women in the complex and is not doing a very good job of it.

Finding the artifact which they are sure exists while not harming anyone, trying to keep Champion from destroying the neighborhood every time he gets loose, trying to stay a step ahead of Ryker’s half brother Rian Stirling and trying to figure out where she and Peter stand is proving to be a hell of a job for a new agent, an agent trying to prove herself.

I loved this book since it took place in the 1950’s my era and it just took me back to that time even the poodle skirt. Wow we have come a long way since then. Of course things don’t run smoothly for Rhett and one powerful mistake could cost her dearly. I would recommend reading the first book Bishop takes Knight but not absolutely necessary.