Bitter Consequence Book Cover Bitter Consequence
Andrew Valentine
Paranormal Erotic - Vampire
National Writers Press, Inc.
October 11, 2012

In a desperate act of survival, Michelle slays a vampire queen, inheriting her power, her people and her progeny. What Michelle can’t know is that her triumph sends violent ripples through the supernatural world.

Across town, in a NY nightclub dedicated to dark desires and pulsing sexuality, the ancient blood-goddess Kali is struck down as a result of Michelle’s act of self-preservation. Kali wakes from the unwitting assault with a physical need for revenge and an immortal thirst for power—the death of the vampire queen gives Kali’s own evil plans a chance for new life.

Michelle and this cunning immortal are thrust against each other, not in a battle for survival alone, but for the power to rule a voracious army of the dead.

Now she is entangled in a web of deceit where lives, loves and destinies are changed forever or lost completely—where sex is as dangerous as a vampire’s bloodlust—and all actions can result in bitter consequences.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the sequel to Bitter Things, and it starts off at the exact point that book one ended. Michelle has drained Xiamora and has become a vampire, replacing her as queen. At the point that Xiamore ceases to exist, something strange happens at a club called The Lair. This is a club where human vampires, those who act like vampires but aren’t, hang out. It is owned by a vampire named Kali, who it turns out is Xiamore’s blood daughter. The death of Kali’s blood mother has caused chaos in the club, everyone is out of control, and death and physical attacks occur. Everything has consequences. Michelle loses the baby she was unaware she was carrying. There is also the possibility of war between her and Kali.

Kali does not mourn the death of her blood mother, but feels she needs to avenge her, and in doing so, she and she alone can rule. With Michelle having taken all of Xiamora’s powers, can Kali actually destroy her? In spite of the fact that Michelle saved Scott, she now faces a life altering situation. She requires blood to survive and she is now the Queen of the Keep. She knows that she was able to conquer Xiamora because of her lack of taking blood. She was addicted to endorphins, the only thing that could give her sexual satisfaction. Will Michelle follow Xiamora and eventually leave herself slowly starving?

Scott and Michelle are once again reunited, but things are different. His exposure to the Keep has brought out his desire to be dominated, and Michelle is beginning to like the idea. Their love for each other is as strong as ever, but their personal sexual preferences have drastically changed.

While Michelle is trying to come to terms with the changes in her new life, or unlife, she is unaware of Kali’s plot to kill her. Kali has started to make an army of zombie vampires using the blood from an immortal child. She needs the child and her own blood daughter to make them more vampire than zombie. Who is her blood daughter? If she is able to make an army, then what chance does humanity have? She is more evil than Xiamore ever was. How can Michelle and her people survive an attack by an army of vampires, when Michelle is the only vampire?

This book, like the first, is full of violence and explicit sex. There is dominance and torture, and nothing is left to the imagination. And of course, there is betrayal by those that Michelle thought she could trust. My problem with this book, was that most of it involved sex, no matter what was happening, there was torture, humiliation, bondage and anything else you could think of. I also had a problem with the ending, which I won’t explain because I don’t want to give it away. Suffice it to say sometimes evil does win.

**2nd Place: Erotic – PRG 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Awards**