Bitter Things Book Cover Bitter Things
Andrew Valentine
Paranormal Erotic - Vampire
National Writers Press, Inc.
March 23, 2009

In a city of dark secrets and pulsing sexuality, a young couple makes a grisly discovery that awakens an ancient evil.

Suddenly an enthralling woman who captivates and ensnares enters their lives. Who is this temptress? And what is the creature she protects, a being with an immortal thirst that cannot be quenched by blood alone, but by something more?

A woman and her husband will be torn from each other. They will fight until they are spent, but will it be enough to stop the thing that has fed on blood and passion for centuries?

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chairperson for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Andrew Valentine has a great new take on Vampirism: Endorphins…and Blood.

We meet Michelle and Scott, a young couple, very much in love. Scott has major baggage from his childhood, and is having even greater issues and dreams after an encounter in Central Park. The couple decided to go out and are at a local bar where Jong, aka Gina Lee, enters their life. The couple brings Jong home, and they all get cozy. Michelle wakes in the a.m. alone in their apartment. Scott. Is. Gone

This is where we all start the story of the past, of the Vampire Xiamora, and the story of the Keep. This book is erotic, but most of all, we have a fine sense of the strength of love over sex.

Michelle recruits some of her friends and hires a private detective to help her find Scott. I loved Michelle for her strong bullheadedness to find Scott, and her fierce determination to keep him.

In the end, we come down to Michelle having to choose between sweet things or Bitter Things to complete her life. Take the ride with them and see for yourself. What would you have chosen in her place?

Hope Andrew is not finished with this… Hopefully he can give us a sequel…

Looking forward to it!