In My Blood Book Cover In My Blood
Kenneth Gordon
Science Fiction Adventure
Class Act Books
June 14, 2017

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

We have a conundrum here, a near 5 Star story that spends much of its time devolved into 3 star (or less) writing.

Let me start with the story, a fairly juvenile premed student Thomas Anderson (who is referred to as Thom in the book) is whisked away by aliens to save their planet from a horrible plague.  Great stuff I think, the story of how he proceeds and the situations throughout the book are fun and interesting even if you ignore the fact that these people are advanced enough to have discovered much of this themselves.  The story builds to a decent conclusion before it goes off the rails a bit at the end but then again I was given nothing to tell me of a target audience but by the end I was thinking about middle school due to several things I won’t spoil by writing about them.

Here is a brief list of things that kept drawing me out of the story (a story I really did like):

Juvenile writing style (which if targeted for a younger audience might be fine);
Most un-alien aliens I ever saw, almost like he took Earth and added some masks in many places;

Repetitive phases and scenes that were so bad at some points I had to make sure I had not hit a button on my Kindle and backed up;

Poorly written emotion – dork extrovert – idiot savant:  If you took away every page this guy or somebody else was crying it would reduce this book by MANY pages.  He would show signs of genius and then act like a complete idiot; and,

Plagiarized the Bible – While I got to say I have not seen this one before I thought “you got to be kidding me” it was not some horrible thing but it was distracting and I really thought it was a bad idea.

Bottom Line:  In spite of all the book’s shortcomings in writing style and horrible emotional scenes, I still loved the story but the last approximately 5% of the book was straight out of some Hollywood Disney movie and I had hoped for better.  So at the end I give it 3.5 Stars for adults reading this book, for younger readers it might be higher.