Blood King Book Cover Blood King
Spirit Seeker Book 1
Amber K. Bryant
Paranormal Romance
City Owl Press
August 27, 2019

While the Blood King lives, no one is safe.

Sybille Esmond never wanted to inherit her family’s weird business: summoning spirits of the undead and guiding them to the afterlife. While it pays the bills, dealing with supernatural monsters comes with colossal risks, including becoming undead herself.

When tall, dark, and undead Elis Tanner, a reformed member of the soulless ever-after, invades Sybille’s life, bringing with him a possessive, disembodied ex-wife, those risks get complicated, and those complications become dangerous.

Sybille must aid Elis in confronting his jealous ex while also investigating the Blood King, a beast who refuses to die—by stake or by poison.

After a harrowing possession leaves her burned and bruised, Sybille finds herself drawing closer to the tempting Elis, who may be the only one capable of helping her kill the unkillable. With the Blood King and his legions of undead closing in, she discovers her own life is far from the only thing in jeopardy.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sybille Edmonds is a hierophant who like others in her family channel spirits. She also has the ability to glimpse future occurrences that have yet to happen. Her family specializes in helping bloodthirsters (vampires) actually their spirits seeking their thirsters so that they can be destroyed and they can be free. When she met Elis Tanner a handsome thirster who she assumes is her new client she discovers that he has found his thirster and was reunited with it. He is still a thirster but he is a thirster with a conscience.

Elis Tanner was turned by Sister Juliana, a nun who was turned by a visiting priest and who wanted Elis so badly she was willing to wait until he reached manhood before she turned him.

Together Elis and Juliana existed for hundreds of years until she found her soul and took her life freeing her but that didn’t end there because she was determined to find Elis’ soul so they could be together again.  Juliana’s spirit constantly visited Elis until the day she finally found his soul but when he regained his soul he refused to kill himself and continued on with his life until he discovered Sybille. Unfortunately Juliana was by now full of anger and refused to stop until she found Elis and ended him.

There was an attraction between Elis and Sybille but Juliana would turn out to be the least of their problems because her newest spirit seeking help finding his thirster was Nathanial Atkins whose thirster is none other than the Blood King dealing in drugs and living in Low Hollow. This thirster would not be so easy to kill but Devin their field agent was sent into the Low a place that holds dark secrets for him and a place where he will once again be subjected to the drug Crave.

The Blood King is found and Devin did his job assuming he was dead but what he did was create a monster far worse than before, a monster that has to be found and destroyed by any means. Unfortunately while trying to come up with a new plan to kill Nathan, Devin’s past comes back with a vengeance. Reluctantly, Devin, Sybille and Elis must return to the Low a place where someone like Sybille would be in big trouble. How do they find and kill the Blood King and what do they do when once again Juliana appears intent on destroying Elis and the woman she is convinced he now loves, Sybille.

This was an interesting take on vampires and there were surprises and suspense. There really wasn’t much in the way of romance between Sybille and Elis although it was obvious they had feelings for each other. The book ended leaving a lot of unanswered questions and a huge surprise. This was the author’s debut novel and she had to set the background for the characters and for what is yet to come.