Blood Shackles Book Cover Blood Shackles
Rebel Vampires Book 2
Rosemary A. Johns
Paranormal Romance
Fantasy Rebel Limited
November 1, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Light has finally had to bury his love Kathy, her body finally gave out even though her mind had given out years earlier. Now he finds himself once again writing his story only this time it isn’t for Kathy but it is a slave journal written for his owner.

Light was kidnapped, had his fangs removed and found himself in a cell where torture was the name of the game. He was starved, beaten and given a new slave name, Shadow. But being a rebel he keeps insisting his name is Light. Light is owned by the Cain family who have been slavers for hundreds of years. It is Grayse Cain the owner’s daughter who takes possession of Light and who gave him the journal to write in.

Through the journal both the reader and Grayse learn of the torture inflicted on the Blood-lifers, torture that made them into mindless slaves. In spite of the torture Light was able to keep his spirit but that was all about to change. Light had discovered his cousin Donovan and Donovan’s lover a long-lived named Hartford who would always appear bruised and hurt and without enough blood it took longer to heal.

Blood-lifers were perfect sex slaves, they didn’t age, they healed and they weren’t human. Light was determined to help free his family but he would need Grayse’s help in doing so. Although he tried not to he couldn’t help but begin to care for her and she did her best to protect him especially from her crazy sister Marlane. There are times when the language in the book can be confusing but Marlane’s language was over the top.

Light needed to put an end to the Blood Club and was willing to return to the estate for more learning. Grayse was not happy about it but he needed to get information, unfortunately what he got was torture that finally broke him. This is not a book for the light of heart because it is filled with unbelievable torture followed by comfort and affection, it became easy to see how a spirit could be broken and how your torturer could become the person you craved the most.

What happens with Light and the Blood Club is something you will have to find out for yourself but it is not an easy journey. There is betrayal, rape, torture, slavery and surprises. I have read many books about slavery but for some reason this one was by far the hardest to read.