Bloodlines Book Cover Bloodlines
Denise Carbo
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
December 8, 2017

Clan. Duty. Love. Which will he choose?
They have been here for centuries. Their planet was destroyed by war, and they now hide among us. Malcolm Donovan, a dragon shifter, rules over one of four clans. When a clan member is murdered, he must find the killer. Nothing will disrupt his pledge to protect his clan. Nothing that is until he finds his mate.

Elsie Monroe, human to the bone, and the resort manager for the Donovan family finds herself falling in love with the charming Wyoming town, and she can't help but be drawn to the mysterious, Malcolm Donovan. His rude attitude is atrocious, but his kisses can bring chocolate to a boiling point. Not to mention what he does to her body and heart.

Soon Elsie is dragged into a world of secrecy and violence. Creatures she thought were fantasy are actually real. And she is left wondering if love will be enough to capture and tame her own personal dragon.

Review by Nina Salinas

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Malcolm Donovan, Clan leader/ Dragon shape shifter, is busy trying to solve a murder in his clan,AND stay away from a new employee his brother, Owen hired. He doesn’t have time for love, mate, or drama in his life, so why is he inserting himself her daily affairs.

Elsie, new to town and job as manager of the resort owned by Malcolm Donovan as well as half the town, thinks Malcolm is very rude and hard to understand. He offers her a rental and then shows up over and over. She doesn’t understand his intentions, but she finds herself in his arms and swooning. Malcolm soon finds his clan and Elsie in danger, will he lose her or his clan with his decisions….

This book is a great read with adventure and romance. I loved the way it included a great murder mystery. I also enjoyed the ‘surprise ending’.

It will be on my list for a re read! Clan, adventure in shape shifters life,  love and mystery. A great feel, good book with some emotional rides. Can’t wait to see what Malcolm and Elsie do next! Hope to see more clan adventures and history of these shape shifters from another planet!