Blue Book Cover Blue
B.G. Thomas
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 15, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This was a hard review for me to do because at times I didn’t think I loved it and then there were times I did. I went back and forth in my head whether this was a five star book or a four star book but then I realized that the book kept me thinking even after it was finished so I knew I loved it.

Twenty-three year old Blue McCoy lives in an abandoned building with his dog Chewie. Chewie like Blue was homeless and now they have each other. Blue is willing to do any work to get money for his bare necessities and even sleeps with men who supply him with food and a safe nights sleep. He never asks for money and makes that clear from the start. He is happy just to eat and sleep in a clean bed.

John Williams is a bank president whose wife just decided it was time to leave. For years John’s wife accused him of being boring, even his name was boring and she wanted to go out and do all the things she longed for before it was too late. John was devastated and when he accidentally almost hit Blue with his car his life would change forever. John didn’t see a man he saw an angel. He was always attracted to men but assumed he was bi-sexual but when Blue kissed him on the cheek he felt things he never felt before in his life.

A few months after meeting Blue John decided it was time for him to get a dog. He never got Blue out of his mind and when he entered the shelter he saw his angel. Blue’s dog had been hit by a car and John went to comfort him. Chewie had a broken leg but would be fine and when John took Blue back to the abandoned house he lived in he left him there in spite of the fact that he wanted to bring him home with him. A severe thunderstorm decided things for John and he went back and got Blue.

That night they had sex and it was the most powerful feeling John ever had. He realized that he wasn’t bi-sexual he was gay and had hidden that fact trying to be normal. He sees now that he was to blame for his wife leaving since he never gave her what she deserved. Now a young man almost twenty years his junior is teaching him what life is really like. The mask he wore his whole life is now coming off and he feels happy for the first time ever.

Can two men find the love they have always wanted with each other? Will the age difference make a difference? Each man has a past that they wish they could forget, John’s parents, Blue’s loss of his family and John’s son who he has not had a relationship with. The book touched my heart, at times it was happy and other times sad but through it all there was love.

There is explicit sex but it is between two men who love each other.