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PsyCop Book 3
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal
JCP Books, LLC
October 18, 2009

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am all in now to read the entire series. I just needed to blurt that out first! This is book #3 and the series is at #7, so I have a ways to go. That is never gonna stop me if this author can keep up what she has been doing.

Jordan Price gives us a storyline with all mainstream police departments having teams of PsyCops on their force. Our hero is a 5th level psychic. Victor Bayne is in a relationship with tall, dark, handsome and sexy as hell, Jacob, who is a member of another PsyCops team.

In this story, Ms Price shifts down to not a big terribly large storyline to follow. She has put on the brakes and we settle into the characters more, upping their value to us, along with her humor, and the possibilities emerge. In doing this, we are seeing more of the everyday and getting even more out of it. We see Jacob take Vic home for Thanksgiving. The hilarity of our neurotic and sensitive Vic sitting across the table from a family member who has lost an arm, (but you forget, Vic sees ghosts), so our author has him seeing the dangling missing limb bouncing about whenever the owner moves his arm. It is gruesome and funny, and you will not want to miss it.

Vic and Jacob’s living arrangements will be changing. Jacob will not go back to his place and Vic’s apartment is small and white. You will enjoy reading why. Jacob has a big checklist to search for an apartment for them, and no ghosts is the top item on the list.

During all these books, we have learned Vic has faced some pretty big horrors until he joined the squad. I feel Jordan taking us down the road which will be a book called Camp Hell which is book #5. Next is #4, Secrets. See you soon, stay tuned!