Bond Tested Book Cover Bond Tested
The Soul Bonded Trilogy Book 2
Meghan Malone
Paranormal Romance Erotica
North Bay Press
December 3, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Katie Connelly and her bond-mate Rafe Whelan have returned to San Francisco. They are trying to get away from Jack Devereaux and his pack, the pack that came close to raping and killing Katie. Katie is happy to finally be able to return to work, and Rafe has to learn to cope with living in a large city and being surrounded by humans. The biggest problem is where he will go when the full moon changes him. He also has no way of getting a job since he has no identification.

Katie’s sister finds out about Rafe when she walks into Katie’s apartment unannounced and finds her sister bent over the couch with Rafe behind her. Needless to say Erin’s first meeting with Katie’s new boyfriend did not go over well. It has only been days since Katie’s car got stuck in a blizzard and now she seems to be living with a man with no job and a man she knows for a very short period of time. It doesn’t matter how many times Katie’s tells her sister and her parents that he is the love of her life, they make no secret of their dislike for him.

Knowing that Rafe is lost, Katie buys him a camera giving him a reason to explore the area. While doing that he meets Molly who happens to be another werewolf. She is part of a pack that seems to like living in the city. With her help, he locates a place where he can turn into his wolf and run but he finds himself fighting to keep Molly off him. It doesn’t take long before Molly expresses her hatred for humans and the fact that she knows he is sleeping with one. Rafe tries to convince her that he sleeps with human women with the blessing of his mate while he is in the city helping a friend.

Rafe has confidence now that with Molly’s help and the help of her pack he will be safe during the full moon, but he is putting his safety into the hands of strangers. He has no way of knowing if this pack is aware of what happened with Jack Devereaux’ pack and the fact that in saving Katie, he left behind dead werewolves. If Molly’s pack knows about his past, he not only endangers himself but also Katie.

Unfortunately, in addition to all the other problems facing Rafe, along comes Katie’s ex-boyfriend Dylan. Nine months ago, Dylan held nothing back when he broke off with her. Now he wants another chance. The bond between Katie and Rafe makes having sex with anyone else near impossible, especially not willingly. Rafe manages to knock Dylan out, something that immediately gets back to Erin. If she didn’t like and trust Rafe before, she definitely doesn’t now.

I congratulate the author who does a wonderful job in updating the reader on what transpired in the previous book, but this series should still be read in order. The book contains violence, rape, and lots and lots of explicit sex. Given the fact that I gave this book five stars, it is obvious that I had no problem with anything I read. There is one more book left in this trilogy and I can’t wait. I absolutely love Rafe and Katie and their bond is so strong and beautiful. Even with the problems facing them their love is something everyone would wish for.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**