Bound by Blood Book Cover Bound by Blood
Crescent City Wolf Pack, Book 3
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal, Fantasy, Shifters, Wolves
Serendipity Valley Press
October 26, 2018

New Orleans homicide detective Bryce Samuels would rather save lives than investigate deaths. He earns a promotion allowing him to do just that, but he never thinks the people he'll be tasked to save will be the ones closest to him. When the woman of his dreams shows up on his doorstep, beaten and bruised, the mysteries surrounding her "accident" will leave him fighting not just for her life, but for his own.

A rogue can't be expected to settle down, especially with a human cop, who doesn't know werewolves exist. But that's exactly what Alexis Gentry's wolf nags her to do from the moment she meets Bryce. When a run-in with her sadistic ex turns deadly, she seeks shelter with the sexy detective to avoid starting a war between the packs.

Alexis guards her heart as heavily as her secrets, but as the walls come down, she can't help but fall for Bryce. Letting him into her supernatural world will endanger his life, but she soon discovers what he doesn't know can hurt him.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Bryce Samuels is a detective in New Orleans and has been partnered with Macey Gentry who he trusts with his life. Now things are about to change, Macey is marrying and Bryce is being promoted to sergeant and getting the negotiator position he has always craved. The only thing missing from his life is a woman to love and the woman he has his sights on is none other than Alexis Gentry, Macey’s sister.

Bryce has always been attracted to Alexis only whenever she would come to visit Macey it would only be for a short time before she would take off again. Finally asking her out at Macey’s wedding he finds himself once again being stood up. His chances at having a relationship with Alexis are zero since he can’t even get her to accept a cup of coffee with him but fate has other plans for Alexis and Bryce.

Alexis and Macey lost their mom when they were young and they wound up in foster care, unfortunately at the age of thirteen Alexis discovered that she was a werewolf and having no knowledge of weres and fearing what would happen to her she ran away becoming a rogue. As a rogue she is looked at as nothing and when she reappeared in Macey’s life she knew that she would never be able to settle down for the long haul. Alexis would always be on the run even though when she first met Bryce her wolf was convinced that he was the one, something her human half refused to accept.

When Alexis does a job for her abusive ex-boyfriend Eric Anderson, also a werewolf, she has no idea what that job would entail. Going after the money Eric owed her she discovered the true reason behind his need for a soundproof room, a room she built for him. She also discovers that he has plans for her including using her healing abilities to aid him in his determination to start his own pack by turning humans into wolves. Knowing she could not beat him she puts herself in a position where she would appear dead jumping from a huge tower. Having the ability to heal herself she knows that she will live and hopefully he will believe the lie and never look for her again.

It is at the hospital that Bryce and Alexis meet again and where their story really begins. He tries to fight off Eric when he discovers that she is still alive only he had no idea what he would be fighting. Injured again at Eric’s hands Alexis takes Bryce up on his offer to stay with him till she is well and he is determined to get her to put down the wall she has built around herself and accept him. The trouble is that he has secrets, the man he allows the world to see is not the man he really is, but that is Bryce’s story and one I won’t reveal.

This was a wonderful book that touched on many different things, one of them suicide. A statement by Bryce about suicide left me speechless, “Suicide doesn’t stop the pain. It passes it on to someone else”. I never looked at it quite that way”. I loved Alexis and Bryce and got a laugh out loud moment when Bryce tried to bake bread, he added flour, salt and Dr. Pepper. He was sure that he added soda like the recipe stated but maybe he shouldn’t have used Dr. Pepper.