Bound to You Book Cover Bound to You
The Demon Knights Series
Alyson Caraway
Paranormal Romance
Vulpine Press
August 7, 2020

She’s a power-hungry battle angel
Coriel is determined to rid the world of demons and prove she has what it takes to be archangel. But when a fierce battle ends in tragedy on her orders, she is banished from the Heavens—and finds herself at the mercy of Hell’s sexiest and most powerful demon knight.

He’s the demon knight who wants her
Rather than take his rightful place on Hell’s throne, Zagan prefers to spend his days in the human realm corrupting souls—and he’ll end the life of any angel who tries to stop him. But rather than slay the beautiful battle angel when he has the chance, he binds her to him with his life-saving kiss, forcing her to obey his every command.

The line is drawn
Coriel has no choice but to submit to her captor, though the curse of his kiss is not what lures her to him. While Zagan takes great pleasure in exerting his dominance over the Heavens’ fiercest warrior, he soon wants her to do more than just his bidding. As the war between angels and demons rages, he wants her by his side … to rule Hell as his queen.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  


Coriel is an angel who hates demons and who desires to become an archangel. Her lust for killing demons and her desire to become an archangel cause her to disobey orders on more than one occasion. Unfortunately disobeying orders puts her life in danger when she is summoned to destroy Zagan the Demon Knight and she overlooks some very important steps, she races off head first without a weapon and without meeting with the other angels. This disregard leaves her dying and as she lays there she realizes that she was betrayed.


Zagan has been attracted to Coriel ever since he first saw her and he refuses to allow her to die from a demon’s poison so he kisses her giving her his antidote. Having taken this gift from Zagan she is now bound to him and must obey all his orders. Her bloodlust for killing demons has now resulted in her being a Demon Knights slave. Zagan sends her back to Heaven to heal and when it is discovered she is bound to a demon she is banned from Heaven forever. She is now a fallen and her once beautiful gold wings are now grey.


The first order of business is for Coriel’s name to be changed to Coryn and every day she must go out and kill a living thing be it animal, angel or demon. Since falling she has lost her strength and her ability to sense demons and Zagan wants her back the way she was, powerful and her take no prisoners attitude. He doesn’t have to worry about her attitude because that is the one thing she has maintained and even when he orders her she fights with everything she has to not give in.


Heaven and Hell, is Hell all bad and is Heaven all good that is what this book leaves you wondering. There is violence, romance, sex and betrayals and surprises. The last half of the book left me breathless and the surprises, well I will leave you to discover them and believe me they are worth your time and money.