Braving the Rapids Book Cover Braving the Rapids
Rocky Mountain Boys Book 2
Brandon Witt
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
November 13, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I was really excited to see a second book release for this series. I think I fan girled all over my review for Mapping the Forest book #1 . It released last year at this time after I had just completed Brandon’s Myth series.

I find this author a stickler for details, growing a story slowly. He never makes it convoluted destroying the readers enjoyment, but he builds one brick at a time.

We have already been to Estes, a small town where National Forests are nestled and maintained, where there is snow skiing and ranches with horses, and a small town where the townsfolk wait for the vacationers to come and spend their money and visit.
I love when I can open a second book and feel “Home Again”

Todd had a crush on Matt for a long time. It was hands off though because the ‘honor rule’ you don’t date a best friends ex. Todd had a ranch and some business he inherited upon his Dad’s death, but all that made him happy was his horse, and business.

Matt is an adrenaline junkie, we had heard not so nice things about in book one, He was Jordan’s Deadbeat Dad, yes a 40 something father to a 20 something daughter. Now Matt missing something in his life, gets a job teaching white water rafting and wants to try and connect with his grown daughter and his Mom.

Both of them, have family, family problems, and still yearn for each other like it hums from deep in their souls. Our author takes us on an astounding trip, we are following two young men, who are feeling their way through life on a path to each other. I loved every page of this book. There is not one word wasted. The scenes with Matt and his daughter Jordan were memorable.

Please to get the whole picture, read these in order. Must read!!