Bringer of Night Book Cover Bringer of Night
SPECTR Series 3, Book 2
Jordan L. Hawk
Novella, LGBT, Gay, Paranormal, Vampire, Demons/Devils, Romance
Jordan L. Hawk
December 13, 2019

The vampire spirit Gray and his human host Caleb have sworn never to drink from a human again. But when a woman from one of Caleb’s tour groups is murdered by what appears to be a vampire, Caleb is arrested as the prime suspect. Not only does she have a bite mark on her throat, but security camera footage reveals her murderer looks exactly like Caleb, down to the clothes he was wearing that night.

Can Caleb and Gray clear their names, not only to the police but to John? Or will the new life they’ve built in New Orleans come crashing down around them?

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Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

With the ending of her powerful series, Wybornne and Griffin, this year, I am happy to say another of my favorite series from this author still remains. I have been enchanted by ‘The Three,’ I call them.

Caleb and Gray living in one body have made John Starkweather’s life both fantastic  and horrific….as you can agree from day one. It is this grouping of novella’s Ms Hawk has us learning much more about John’s past along with him.

They have been sorta banished to New Orleans, trying to keep a little low key life. John has allowed Caleb to take a position as a Ghost Tour Guide that is a money maker in the French Quarter,  to keep Caleb and Gray from going crazy bored.

This now is getting serious, as Ms. Hawk tempts us with a nugget here and there about John’s family, his memories and who is John Starkweather…. No spoilers from me.

Love this series, Jordan Hawk!!!