Brotherhood Protectors: Moving Target Book Cover Brotherhood Protectors: Moving Target
Unknown Identities Book 5
Regan Black
Military Romance
Kindle Worlds
January 9, 2018

John Noble returns in a new adventure to thwart the Unknown Identities agency's latest attempt to rebuild...

Scott Blackwell proudly served the U.S. Army until he was accused of murder, court martialed, and imprisoned. When a covert team pulls him out of his cell things go from bad to worse with an impossible ultimatum: kill one target and go free, or go back to jail for life.

Jaime Castle is headed home to Montana for some much-needed vacation time. Wrestling to change a flat tire on a deserted road, she's grateful for the help of a stranger - until she finds herself caught up in a world of trouble and danger she didn’t know existed. Now she must decide who to trust and what to believe before it's too late.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Thank you , Thank you Regan is back with a New UI book series and I am sooo excited.

This Novella brings us back to the Unknown Identities World where good men are snatched and used for the benefit of testing to make the enhanced fighting machine.

We tried in the first books of this series to take down the enemies, but we find we did hit them hard, yet able to rise  again to work their evil.

John Noble and his wife Amelia have been, zig zagging through the US  hiding from the team sent by the Messenger to kill them .Hiding from  outside world escaping from the showdown they had in the original series…..Still working magic with them is Ben the Chameleon (who can become invisible ) a super power left over from enhancements from the black ops doctors who he was tested with.  Amelia is always monitoring the news seeing strange things happening lately.. Three young soldiers were charged with murder, they were moved and now it looks like they appear to have been killed. Telling John and Ben they begin looking into it.

We meet Scott Blackwell, a soldier who was one of the three compromised young men. He was told his friends would remain safe if he would kill a Jamie Castle. Once the hit was made they would all be set free. Coming upon a young lady with a flat tire on a dark road, on her way to Montana named Jamie Castle was all we needed to know.

I have read Regan Black stories for almost 10 years, her genres are many, her writing is crisp, stories are great. Im so glad to tell you about how much I love this world, and so happy we are back fighting the bad guys.