Calypso's Heart Book Cover Calypso's Heart
Orion's Order
M.C. Solaris
Paranormal Romance/Witches and Wizards/Psychic/Vampire
Independently Published
July 13, 2020

If you enjoy Psy-Changeling and Black Dagger Brotherhood, this new series is right up your alley!

Sexy shifters. Hot vampires. Intriguing immortals. Strong heroine. Sizzling romance. Page-turning plot full of emotion and excitement. Modern and fresh take on fated mates. Plus a little bit of insta-lust because who wouldn’t be attracted to your sexy, alpha life mate?


Do you dream of ridiculously hot men? Okay, maybe you do. (And yes, I'm well aware I should lay off the romance books before bed.) But do you actually ever meet those men you dream about in real life? I didn't think so. That's probably a good thing though because I have... And these men from my dreams have done nothing but pull the rug of reality out from under me... which was how I fell and ended up in a world that I thought only existed in romance books.

My name is Caly (AKA Callie) and I'm just an ordinary single woman living the LA dream... paycheck to paycheck. Except whose dream is it? I'm not really sure... but it's not my dream. Especially because I have really weird dreams... like really weird. Then again, everyone has weird dreams, right?


I am an alpha wolf shifter and leader of Orion's Order, a pack of... well, not wolves. We're an unconventional pack of highly skilled specian hunters that do one thing: hunt the evil in our world. And we were hired by SILE (Species Intelligence Law Enforcement) to hunt a bloodthirsty criminal who is infamously untraceable. That was until an irresistible female brought an unexpected twist to our hunt and set things in motion... a motion that has left my pack and our world forever changed.

Welcome to The Order and a secret world of magic and mystery, where a pack of unlikely friends find love and fight against an ancient evil force.

Devour this addictive series at your own risk…

+ Happily Ever After

+ Steamy Paranormal Shifter Romance

+ Multiple POV

+ Mature Content


CALYPSO’S HEART is an adult paranormal wolf shifter romance. If you like swoon-worthy males, heroines with feminine strength, an engaging plot, satisfying relationships, steamy love stories, happy ever afters, and getting sucked into a supernatural story, then you’ll want to immerse yourself in the world of species!

You’ll feel right at home if you’re a JR Ward, Nalini Singh, and Dannika Dark fan.

Reviewed by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Calypso’s Heart is an introduction to this world that the author, M.C. Solaris, where humans and species live apart, separated by a barrier that only species can pass through. It makes for a new view of the paranormal world and we meet a lot of really interesting, occasionally evil, characters along the way.

Calypso is human and we start off quite tame as we learn about her and her fairly isolated existence in LA but her meeting with Nick sets off a huge domino effect. Her welcome into the species world is not a good one when she becomes entangled with a character that is being hunted by species law enforcement. It brings her into the orbit of Blake and his pack as they watch over and then rescue her. This is a huge event that brings Calypso physical and mental pain and the pack takes her under their wing to ensure she is safe and can recover. Blake’s discovery that the human means so much to him definitely comes as a surprise but he’s determined to keep her by his side whilst allowing her to grow and develop into the world that becomes her own. All the while they keep searching for The Ghost before he can come back and hurt Calypso again.

There is quite a bit that goes on throughout this book. The Ghost is an extremely well written villain of the story, easily brings a shiver of revulsion when he comes on page but he may not necessarily be the worst thing out there. Calypso makes for a good heroine with everything that she goes through and the huge discovery and plot twist about herself. I thought she dealt well with the discovery of this whole other world, sometimes a little too quick to take everything in stride but with everything else going on, she has bigger things to worry about. Blake is a great pack Alpha, clear from the respect and dedication he gets from the other men. His protectiveness of them soon expands to include Calypso and it’s clear pretty quickly how important she is. They do jump into a physical relationship quickly as though they literally cannot help it but take their time over their emotions. 

The pack is such a great mix of characters from the stony silent Nico to the class clown twins of Rhyker and Rhyland. Even just between those three, it’s highly entertaining but each man brings their own skills to the pack and have their own reasons for being there which I am very interested to learn in the future. They are so welcoming and supportive towards Calypso and their stance regarding protection and security is strong and true. 

A down point of this book, for me, is the way that the point of views are written. You literally bounce from one person to the next, which is all of the main group, and it can be quite hard to keep track of as there are no gaps between paragraphs or even names above the POV changes. It can be distracting from the story which leads to less enjoyment. I was also surprised with how quickly the climax of the series occurred. With how long the book is and the build up to that moment, it felt a little short to me but it’s a huge moment for Calypso’s character and comes across great in that regard.

Whilst the story is wonderfully descriptive and covers a lot through relationships, events and across the time period of the story, it does seem to drag a little in parts. I found it a little hard to keep my full concentration on the story which, considering you can really see the possibilities in the future for the plots of the series, was a little frustrating. 

Overall, this is definitely a book that I would recommend reading. I love the world and characters that the author has created and there is a huge range of emotion through the events that unfold. I’m interested to see how the series arc will develop as well as the hinted at relationship between two other characters.