Can’t Live Without You Book Cover Can’t Live Without You
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
September 12, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Justin Hawthorne came from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and became a huge movie star, but it was not an easy trip. Justin was thrown out of his house seven years ago by his father when he admitted to being gay. George Miller’s family offered to take him in because it was due to his love of George that he came clean about his sexual preference. Unfortunately without so much as a goodbye Justin left town and headed to California.

When he finally made it to Los Angeles he met Ethan Houghton who helped him get work and gave him a place to live. It is Ethan even now that Justin is a success that looks after him. A phone call from a doctor advising him that his father is dying and wishes to see him sends Justin into a tailspin. He can’t forgive the man who disowned him but it is Ethan who convinces him not to let this opportunity pass him by.

At his father’s bedside he comes face to face with his first love George who is a Health Care Nurse and has been caring for his father. George is surprised to see Justin and invites him to stay at his home. Seven years did not diminish the feelings they had for each other but it is a relationship wrought with problems. As soon as Justin’s father is buried he will return to Los Angeles where he is scheduled to start a new film, a film that will take up most of his time. Justin loves what he does but having free time is something he has little of. Hopefully the time with George will give him some much needed rest.

Life as a celebrity is not easy and in spite of being surrounded by people all the time Justin is lonely. He has not been in a real relationship because most of the time people only want him for his money or position, they want Justin Hawthorne and he wants someone to love him as Justin Grove the young man who came from Biglerville, Pennsylvania. He wants what he had with George only George won’t leave his mother or his life.

The two men grab what time they have to be together willing to take whatever they can knows full well the pain they will once again suffer when they separate. George also learns the secret that Justin has been keeping for the past seven years the real reason he left. A love that lasted for seven long years even though Justin and George were apart and now once again they are faced with obstacles that will keep them away from each other again.

The characters in this book are wonderful, Justin is a movie star loved by everyone, makeup people, wardrobe people, directors, producers and the list goes on. He always does what he promises and is always there for his fans. He has not let success go to his head and the one thing that he wants most in the world is just out of his reach, George. Ethan is a friend that everyone would wish for, loyal and willing to stand between Justin and anyone who wants to hurt him. Then there is George always wanting to help people but who lost the one man he loved and will probably lose him again.

I don’t know where Mr. Grey learned so much about being a movie star but he showed me a side of that life I never really considered and I promise to stop reading the tabloids, only kidding; I like gossip as much as the next guy lol. I have said this before and it is worth saying again I am a heterosexual woman married fifty-five years and although I am sure Mr. Grey’s books are read by mostly by the gay community.  I always find his stories compelling and emotional. The sex is not rampant and always done with dignity.