Cassandra by Starlight Book Cover Cassandra by Starlight
Starlight Series, Book 1
Susan Mac Nicol
Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Boroughs Publishing Group
August 13, 2012

A London woman is swept off her feet into the glamorous yet surprisingly dangerous world of an up-and-coming star of stage and screen.


Unconventional though she may be, Cassandra Wallace leads the life of an average Londoner, from blind dates to rush hour traffic. Then, along comes Bennett Saville. Charming, erudite, the up-and-coming actor is like the hero of a romantic movie. He sets Cassie afire like he has the stage and screen, and defies the tragedy that brought them together. From the tips of his Armani loafers to their scorching hot first kiss, he’s perfect. Only, he’s ten years younger and from the upper class, and those emerald eyes invite dangerous secrets. The world is full of hungry leading ladies, and every show must have its villain. Yet a true romance will always find its happy ending.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Cassandra (Cassie) Wallace is forty seven, divorced and tired of dating but her life would take a serious turn when while driving to work a man landed on her car causing her severe injuries. The man who died was Eric Saville the younger brother of Bennett Saville an up and coming actor. All evidence points to the fact that Eric took his own life.

Bennett was subjected to years of physical abuse at the hands of his father and whenever Eric messed up it was Bennett who took the blame in an effort to protect his younger brother unfortunately all it did was make Eric a man who never took responsiblity for his actions. Eric blew through the trust fund left to him while Bennett invested his and now has no financial worries. The last straw for Eric was the $100,000 he owed to a loan shark and by taking his own life it was liking sticking his middle finger up at the loan shark knowing he would never get his money back. Eric did not take into account the fact that the loan shark would go after his rich brother.

When Bennett was made aware of Cassie’s injuries including the fact that a piece of his brother’s bone was still in her temple he rushed to the hospital to ensure she got all the help she needed. Bennett made it his business to visit Cassie whenever he got the chance and it was then that they both realized that the relationship was deeper than they thought. Although Cassie is ten years older than Bennett, and although he could have any woman he wants it is Cassie he wants.

The age difference between Cassie and Bennett is insignificant compared to the troubles they face, a stalker is after Bennett, Cassie is almost killed and someone from Eric’s past once again changes everyone’s lives not just Bennett and Cassie but also his father and mother. Bennett’s mother is a sick woman but I will not go into any detail as to what is wrong with her, I have to leave something for you to find out for yourself.

This book had everything, rape, stalking, murder and a romance between an older woman and a younger man who prove that age is just a number and has nothing to do with love. I can’t wait for the next book because there is more to Cassie and Bennett’s story which I look forward to.