To Catch a Spirit Book Cover To Catch a Spirit
Spirit Chasers Book 1
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal Romance
May 17, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Logan Alexander Mitchell is rich, handsome and a girl magnet. Unfortunately what you see is not the real Logan because the real Logan is sad and lonely has OCD and is always thinking of suicide. Logan can feel emotions and read people and he has been having recurring visions of his wife one day killing herself by jumping out of a window. Logan’s visions have come true in the past at times but this one he is convinced is going to happen and so he is prepared to live his life alone rather than risk marrying and having his wife kill herself. He tries keeping the nightmares away by taking women to his bed but even that doesn’t work anymore.

Allison (Allie) Gray is a psychic and medium who like Logan is afraid of commitment. Allie’s father was rich but it was never enough so he gambled away everything and then shot himself in the head. It was Allie who found his body and now she fears it happening to her again. Allie helped spirits pass over until almost a year ago when something happened that scared her so much that since then she has been blocking them.

These two troubled people come together when Allie’s best friend Tina drags her to a party at Logan’s new mansion the one that Tina sold him. Tina is a real estate broker and going to these kinds of parties is good for business and it doesn’t hurt that she is able to find rich, handsome men to take home with her. When Logan and Allie see each other there is an instant connection one neither of them wants. Allie heads for the door to leave and is confronted by a woman crying on the stairs, it turned out that this woman was a spirit and somehow got through her barriers.

Needless to say Logan and Allie do meet up again since he is determined to see her and in spite of her determination to stay away from him the pull is too strong. Logan and Allie try very hard to fight their attraction but the heart wants what the heart wants. Now Logan and Allie have to let down the walls they built around their hearts. They also find themselves having to deal with a hostile ghost that wants Logan but not Allie around.

The book does focus on suicide and mental issues such as Logan’s OCD but it also focuses on the fact that there is help out there and love. I did find the book to be slow moving at times but overall I loved Logan and Allie and their fight to face the future and not look to the past.