Challenge the Darkness Book Cover Challenge the Darkness
Yellowstone Wolves Book 1
Dirk Greyson
M/M Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 31, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Mikael Volokov is the Alpha of the Yellowstone Pack and has been asked by his friend fellow alpha, Gregor to be present when he is challenged in a fight to the death by Anton Romanov an alpha from a neighboring pack known for his cruelty. One of the demands made by Anton was that the mates and pups of both alphas be present for the challenge something that has never been done before. This demand only further shows what an unfeeling, cruel alpha Anton really is.

Mikael knows that he has no control over what happens at the challenge and the only thing he can guarantee is that the challenge will be fair. Unfortunately Gregor is no match for Anton and his mate and two young pups are there to witness his death. When Anton advises Gregor’s mate Anna that he will take her and her two young pups, Misha and Alexi into his home Mikael steps in and advises him that he has accepted them into his pack according to Gregor’s wishes. Anton has no say in the matter but Mikael realizes that he has put himself in Anton’s line of fire. Mikael knows that Anton wants to have control of all the packs in the region and his pack is small and no match for Anton’s if he decides to attack.

Mikael decides that the only course of action is to meet with the nearby Evergreen Pack and try to make an alliance with their alpha. Packs tend to stay by themselves and asking another alpha to join him in case of an attack is usually unheard of but Mikael has no other choice. If Anton attacks the Yellowstone Pack there is no doubt that he will go after the Evergreen Pack soon after. What Mikael could never imagine is that his mate would be none other than the Evergreen Alpha, Denton Arguson.

Denton knows as soon as Mikael does that they are mates but they are both alphas of their packs and being mated is nothing short of impossible. There can only be one alpha and which one would choose to leave their pack and join the other one? Denton will not leave his pack and family and neither will Mikael so they are literally between a rock and a hard place. They agree to an alliance but nothing else. When apart the two alphas are miserable but neither of them can come up with a solution.

While Mikael and Denton are trying to figure out how to be together without leaving their packs they also have to contend with Anton and his desire for control. Every pack he takes over puts the pack members in Hell and Mikael and Denton will do whatever they have to to keep their packs from falling into his hands.

I loved this book because I am a sucker for werewolves. Mikael and Denton are wonderful alphas both strong and dedicated to their packs but they want more, will they get it? I also loved little Misha and Alexi every time they were in the story I had a smile on my face. Nothing is more fun than when little boys turn into pups and try to be fearless. There is M/M sex between the two alphas something that is a first for me. I read many shifter books but this is the first time that it involved two alphas and the problems inherent in that type of relationship.

I have read one other book by Mr. Greyson which I loved but this is the first paranormal book and I hope there will be more.