A Chance for Charity Book Cover A Chance for Charity
The Immortal Ones Book 1
S.L. Baum
Paranormal Romance
June 3, 2010

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair and Senior Reviewer for The Paranormal Romance Guild

So, let’s get the hard stuff out of the way. What a great YA book for young teens. The storyline was so intricate and compelling, I almost forgot the rating!!!  In doing reviews, I have read YA pieces and not many books have I loved.  S.L. Baum, step right up and take a bow!  Stephanie Meyers started the YA hysteria into the paranormal genre with Twilight. Ms Baum has written a wonderful first book for her Immortals with no sparkle but with lots of clout.

Charity, AKA Emily, is an Immortal relocating to a small town with another Immortal couple as her “family”. During the unfold, we learn that Charity, nee Emily, is reliving her high school years, again, to keep a low profile for the ‘family’. They are not vampires, just Immortals who live long, have extra powers, and want to be left alone to live their lives. However, that’s not to be: they are being hunted by Levitcus and Ezekiel, brothers who have spent their lives hunting down immortals.

We have Charity meeting her new High School classmates, humans/mortals, who she befriends. We meet Lincoln who arrives in town for the ski season to work at the local hardware store.  Charity/Emily is 17, and Link is 22. Their attraction is immediate.  I loved the writing, the storyline, the friendships, and the background of our characters. The story is believable, fun, and light hearted, but doesn’t deter from the underlying seriousness of the final showdown.

Emily allows Link to know who and what she is, both past and present. There is an overall strength, love of life, and fun to the story that I had no trouble accepting.  Link knew from the moment he saw Charity…his heart was taken. The twist for this novel was, Hello Mortal…and it is a HE for a change. Link has to prove himself to Emily’s immediate and not so immediate family, and that he will be there for her. And when that happens…hold on to your seats!!!

I read some reviews prior to reading this book and Twilight was alluded to. Is every 17 teen book a twilight story??? NOT!! But not every 17 YA novel is this good. The second Immortal book might be just out or soon to be released…If it is, I would ask the author to send me a copy.  There are some unanswered questions and parts of this story that have whetted my appetite for more. I, for one, would enjoy reading an addition to this journey and I just might be able to give it another 5 star review if it is as well written as this one!!! Thank you, S.L.  Baum, for a good read.

** 2012 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards 1st Place Winner Best YA Series **

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