Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach Book Cover Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach
Cat's Paw Cove Book 12
Sharon Buchbinder
Paranormal, Mystery, Romance, Ghosts
CPC Publishing
June 9, 2020

Sometimes the dead need a life coach, too.

Driven out of Chicago by a spiteful heiress, life coach Charly Redbird is ready for a change. She moves to Florida to be closer to her family and vows to be more selective about future clients.

With the help of Dylan Graham, a hunky real estate agent, Charly finds a perfect home across the street from a cemetery. When he shows up with a plant and two tiny balls of fluff as a housewarming present, Charly thinks she might be smitten with more than the kittens.

A new client appears at her door and asks for Charly's help, but the woman happens to be a permanent resident of the cemetery. Can Charly convince the restless spirit to move to another neighborhood—or will she take on a new role: Life Coach for the Dead?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This story first appeared in Meows & Mistletoe, a Holiday Anthology and is now being released on its own. I read the story in the anthology, but any time I have a chance to read a Cat’s Paw Cove story I jump at it even if I have already read it. A place filled with talking cats, magical people and fun. If you are not acquainted with this magical place I strongly recommend starting. There is no time like the present when we are all staying home, and no time like the present to read something fun and uplifting.

Charly Redbird is a life coach who refuses to give a millionaire’s daughter a certificate she did not earn. Doing the right thing got her blackballed and she lost her company and her confidence. She chose to go to see her grandmother who is living at the Feline Fine Retirement Home in Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida, and if you are familiar with this series then I don’t have to say anymore. She has hired real estate agent Dylan Graham, an empath and a man with the ability to touch someone and tell if they are supernatural, other than that he has no real powers.

Dylan shows Charly a house no one would even consider since it is across the street from a cemetery, but it comes totally furnished and has everything needed. Charly jumps at the chance to own this home she calls Furever Home not knowing that the cemetery across the street is not the only problem with this house.

Charly learns about some of her abilities, one of which is seeing ghosts, and one turns out to be her very first client. She and Dylan are very attracted to each other, but there are things about her life she is about to discover that will change everything she ever knew.

A wonderful story filled with amazing characters and a series I can’t recommend enough.