Chasing the Story Book Cover Chasing the Story
Coastal Carolina Book 2
Shira Anthony
MM Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 12, 2020

When TV reporter Brand Josephson attends an industry awards dinner in Charlotte, North Carolina, the last person he expects to bump into is the man he’s idolized since he was a high school student. Back then, Zach Caldwell was a New York City anchor riding terrific ratings to a prized spot on the national news. But when Zach disappeared before taking the job, he left many people, including Brand, wondering what happened.

Since leaving New York for North Carolina four years before, Zach’s kept to himself and avoided relationships. He tells himself he’s happy with his reclusive life as editor of the local Wilmington newspaper, but when he and Brand end up chasing the same story of industry corruption, Brand’s romantic charm and all-around good nature sneak past his defenses and into his heart. Brand’s discovery of the scandal behind Zach’s hasty exit from broadcast television puts their newly fledged relationship to the test, but the story they’re working on together puts their lives on the line....

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Zach Caldwell was on the way to getting a national news spot only the day after the offer he ran from New York and has been running a small local paper in Wilmington, North Carolina. Zach is at an award ceremony where he is to receive the award for best investigative series in the print category, an award that threatens the anonymity he has maintained for the last five years.

Brand Josephson works in broadcast news in Wilmington and at the awards ceremony he sees the man that twelve years ago while he was in high school rocked his world, the man that influenced him to become a reporter. When Brand approaches Zach, Zach has no recollection of him and Brand’s request for dinner is rebuffed. Zach believes Brand is looking for something and even if he just wants dinner he is in no way, no how looking for a relationship.

When a destructive hurricane leaves homes not just damaged but some of them totally destroyed Brand and Zach both see a story in the making and that story puts these two men together but working together is the only thing Zach is willing to accept while Brand wants much more. Crooked construction companies, crooked inspectors and threats to both Brand and Zach’s lives lead to a very exciting mystery but the mystery I most wanted answered was why did Zach run away from a possible chance at fame and fortune.

A great story of two men, one running toward a relationship while the other runs in the opposite direction, two mysteries both of which are answered and once again a story that reaffirms my belief that anything is possible and nothing surprises me, even if an alien landed in my front yard and asked me to take him to my leader I would, well I would be surprised but that’s about all that would surprise me. The work place is not always a safe haven for men or women.