Cherub's Play Book Cover Cherub's Play
Katie Grant
Paranormal Romance-Angels
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
October 1, 2018

Did the stork really deliver a baby boy to the roof of Sandra Coulton’s isolated Alaskan ranch house? The ranch hands swear it’s true, but Sandra, a wildlife biologist, is sure there’s a rational explanation, even if she can’t think of one. The baby distracts Sandra from her research on grizzlies, but not as much as Austin Smith, the ne’er-do-well, part-Cheyenne bush pilot who crash lands at the ranch and claims the baby is his. The pilot wants Sandra to be his, too, but she isn’t looking for love, and she won’t give up the baby. No one knows it, but the mysterious baby is actually the Archangel Geoffrey, who is suffering a bout of amnesia. If he doesn’t remember his mission soon, he’ll lose a bet with his rival Gabriel. Not to mention disappoint his boss.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Austin and Sandra are unknowingly caught in the middle of a bet.  Austin is more than he appears.  He looks like a tattooed drifter, with no responsibilities and zero desires to be anything other than an opportunist.  So when he literally drops out of the sky into Sandra’s ordered and practical life, she is unprepared for the disruption he brings with him.  Add in a mysterious appearance by an infant that Austin claims is his son and things are just getting interesting.  This book has a great concept.  There were moments that I laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situations these characters find themselves in.  The romance is not a primary part of the book with almost all of the physical interactions occurring off page.  The pace felt like it dragged in sections where the main characters went through the same mental gymnastics regarding their possible relationship.  The story is fun and it is an easy read.  This would be a great beach read or a lazy Sunday afternoon read.