Chinatown Book Cover Chinatown
J. Scott Coatsworth
Science Fiction Short-Read
Other Worlds Ink
April 28, 2020

Deryn is a dreamcaster in the new Chinese enclave in what was once San Francisco. He and his girlfriend Gracie scrape together a life, living in an old department store and struggling to live by the Charter under Chinese rule.

But when someone offers a way out, Deryn is afraid he might lose everything if it goes wrong, including his unborn child. Until he learns that a worse fate awaits them all if he doesn't act.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer & Review Chair The Paranormal Romance Guild

It was my good fortune to see an advertisement posted on a FB post for this story. I love this author and his science fiction and fantasy books. The story is short, only 40 pages, and I am sure that anyone who reads it will feel as I did- the impact of its words.

China has taken over the world, and their rule of law has taken away the rights of its people. Deryn is a dreamcaster, very low on the Chinese caste system. The description of what is, is fascinating

Our author takes us to a world of a possible future, where America is decimated and under the rule of a government ruled by a dictatorship. The choices Deryn is faced with are for him to decide. The words we are reading sent chills up my spine, are they a warning that we might have to as well?

Great stuff Scott!