Christmas in Malsum Pass Book Cover Christmas in Malsum Pass
A Malsum Pass Novel
Kimberly Forrest
Holiday/Paranormal Romance
November 19, 2018

There is magic in Malsum Pass…
For Allison Harris, the only thing to look forward to around Christmas is the extra money she could earn in tips working as wait staff for the ritzy holiday parties on the mountain. After all, when you’re alone like her, Christmas is just another day on the calendar. But when her car leaves her stranded on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, with an empty wallet, and a blizzard breathing down her neck, she has no choice but to accept the hospitality of others as she takes shelter in the small town of Malsum Pass.
Zachary Pierce is larger than life, with a sense of humor and playful nature that has Allison quickly forgetting her worries, as her attraction to the man grows. It has been so long since she’s taken a moment and just had fun, but thanks to Zack, she can’t help but reconnect with her forgotten sense of whimsy, and with Christmas fast approaching, Allison feels the spirit of the holiday take hold.
Just the scent of Allison had told Zack that she was his destined mate, but this blizzard that had brought them together, wouldn’t last forever. He needed to work fast if he wanted to keep her, and what better way, than to show her the true magic of Christmas?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Allison Harris’ hopes for making extra money at a Christmas party in the mountains are short lived. On the way to the party she discovers her pet ferret Pip has somehow managed to join her in the car where he is busy ripping apart the upholstery, it is snowing, there is no cell service and her car is dead. With no other choice she begins to walk towards Malsum Pass but with the snow and icy wind she is having a difficult time until a stranger comes along and offers assistance.

Meanwhile in the woods is Zachary Pierce who scents his true mate. Zachary is a wolf shifter and he follows the scent to the town diner where he discovers his mate and his father. Allison has very little money and lives from paycheck to paycheck and now she has to find a place to stay while the town mechanic tries to piece her car together as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately the town bed and breakfast is full giving Zack the perfect opportunity to invite Allison to stay with him and his family.

Zack needs time to get Allison to love him before he reveals what he really is and hope that loving him will keep her from running away. For the first time in years Allison is surrounded at Christmas time with family and her feelings for Zack are growing. This will be her best first Christmas in years and when her car is fixed she is given the choice of staying over the holidays or leaving for home. Allison doesn’t need much time to think it over because staying and being near Zack is exactly what she wants.

Welcomed by Zack’s entire family she begins to feel at home but Zack reveals he has a secret to tell her and he won’t do it until after Christmas. Will this Christmas bring the happiness that has eluded Allison for so long or will Zack’s secret be too much for her to accept.

Another wonderful visit to Malsum Pass and I hope there is more to come.