Circus Comes to Town (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) Book Cover Circus Comes to Town (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)
Heroes in Hardhats Book 1
LJ Vickery
Military Romance/Suspense
Independently Published
April 6, 2021

Safford “Safety” Tulaine—medically discharged from the Army after an IED destroyed his future as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant—has a new mission; build affordable housing for wounded warriors. When his grandfather leaves him the perfect tract of land, his dreams have a chance of becoming reality, but he has to buckle down. There’s no time for distractions, including his persistent ex-girlfriend. But when he calls on his old buddy Tex to procure an electrician for his worksite, the wily man doesn’t hesitate to send him a wildcard.

Bronwyn “Circus” Lange is having a difficult time finding a job in her field. Who wants to hire an electrician with one hand? Having lost her limb in a fire-fight in Afghanistan, most people see her as less than whole. When Tex calls to say he’s found her the perfect position, she has a hard time believing him. Until she meets Safety. The man not only gives her a chance, but is in danger of stealing her heart.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When I received this book to review it didn’t matter what the subject matter or if I even knew what the story was about all I needed to know was that it was written by one of my favorite authors, LJ Vickery and I  was guaranteed a wonderful read filled with amazing characters as with all her books.


Safford “Safety” Tulaine has inherited over one hundred acres of land from his grandfather and he is putting it to good use. As an injured veteran he wants to build affordable housing for others like himself giving them a chance for a new life. Safety was one of the lucky ones since the damage was to his lungs but the other men working alongside him have much more severe injuries and many with prosthetics. Thanks to his friend Tex he has a crew of damaged soldiers all of them looking forward to owning one of the cottages that Safety will be building. The only thing he is missing is an electrician and once again he goes to Tex for help.


The living conditions are terrible and with an electrician they can finally be able to cook and take a hot shower they have no clue who Tex is sending but it will be a surprise to all. Bronwyn “Circus” Lange lost her lower arm and hand and is using a specially made prosthetic thanks once again to Tex. Circus is very familiar with working in a male dominated profession but when a potential job comes up, she has two things against her, she is a female and has only one real hand so when this job came up, she jumped at it hoping she didn’t once again find herself being dismissed.


At first sight Safety was sure his new electrician was a skinny man until he came face to face with Circus unsure if she will fit in with all the other guys especially when they all share a shower and sleep in the barn but she ended any doubts when she picked a stall and made it her own. Her lack of one real hand didn’t make a difference to Safety since so many of the men were missing one part of their body or another and the others were damaged in other ways like Safety. 


Circus is used to dealing with men since her time in the military but she can’t understand her attraction to her handsome boss. Not a good idea to get involved in, she has to set her sights on her job, easier said than done especially since Safety is suffering from the same problem. Circus proves her worth and they finally have hot water and the ability to cook but someone is trying to put a stop to Safety’s dream by sabotaging equipment and even worse, doing things that could potentially be dangerous to the workers. Safety is convinced it is Barlow Henderson a developer who wants to buy the property but I won’t discuss any further about the attacks against the project because there is more behind it than meets the eye and it is something from Safety’s past back to haunt him.


I absolutely loved this book and all the main and secondary characters. Circus is a touch cookie and even befriends a starving tomcat who becomes her protector. A dog who has a crush on Tom, now that is beyond funny and watching as Safety and Circus finally face their feelings for each other. I can’t wait to see who is next I would like it to be Bantom a double amputee or Echo, or, never mind I’ll take any of them